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Interior: 8 tips for flowers in your interior

Are you often busy with your interior? But won’t it turn out the way you want? Or do you know someone who suffers from this? We would like to give you a helping hand! Read below 8 tips for flowers in your interior.

Put the flowers in the right place

We all know, don’t put flowers next to the fruit basket, in the draft or in the sun. But when it comes to interior design, we also have a few places you can take into account.

For example, place your traditional bouquet on a low coffee table, so that you look nice on top. Do you have a loose or plucked bouquet? Then put him at eye level. This way the bouquet comes out the best and stands out the most.

Which colour?

Each interior has its own style. This is the same with bouquets. It is nice if your bouquet matches your interior in color and style. Is your decor reasonably colorful? Then choose a cozy and striking forest that fits well with your interior. You can of course also use color blocking… Here you choose a color that is opposite to the color of the interior. This also gives a nice effect!

Recycle your flowers

Has your bouquet seen better days? Time to recycle your flowers! Throwing it away is a shame because you can do super fun things with old flowers. Remove the most beautiful flowers from the bouquet and tie them in a small bunch. Place the bunch between a book and let it dry for 2 to 4 weeks. When the flowers have dried nicely, you can put them back in a vase or hang them in a painting!

Artificial flowers

Many people find artificial flowers quite a turn-off. The colors are too bright and of course you miss that desirable scent. Still, it is a pity that it is such a taboo, because nowadays the technique for artificial flowers has improved considerably. In home furnishings stores such as Bloompost you sometimes have to look closely if you want to be able to distinguish between real and fake. 

Fake flowers have quite a few advantages. First, it’s cheap, because you only have to buy them once. Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers do not have limp leaves. In addition, it saves work. You don’t have to water or fertilize artificial flowers, it doesn’t matter if they are in direct sunlight.

Let your flowers dry

You can also choose to let certain flowers dry. Not all flowers lend themselves well to being dried. Hydrangeas, födelsdagsblommor and roses are flowers that you can easily dry yourself. You just have to start at the right time. If the flowers are already brown and/or limp, you can no longer dry them as well. After drying, you can still spray the flowers with a hairspray, then they will stay beautiful for longer. Another nice idea is to place a bouquet of dried flowers under a bell jar.

A cheap bouquet

Composed bouquets at the garden center or at the flower shop are often not very cheap. Even if you have a whole bouquet full of flowers put together yourself, it can also cost quite a bit. Would you like to have a full bouquet of flowers at home, without spending too much money? Then choose a base of green branches and add a few loose flowers. Then you are really ready with a few euros! I like to use eucalyptus for this. This will always last a long time anyway. When the flowers from the bouquet have finished blooming, you can still enjoy the eucalyptus. You can also dry eucalyptus very well!

Match the colors of the bouquet to your interior

Each living room has its own unique style. Colors play an important role in this. The same goes for the colors of your bunch of flowers. Do you mainly have earth tones in your interior? Then choose a bouquet with white flowers and green branches. Is your living room mainly furnished in a modern way? Then bouquets in one color do particularly well. You can think of deep red or blue.

Swedish roses give a romantic look to the living room or bedroom

Because of their special appearance, these Swedish roses (called: Beställ rosor) are certainly suitable for special occasions. Colors of roses often have a specific meaning. For example, red roses stand for love and passion. Rainbow roses come in all kinds of colors, so they don’t have a specific meaning like others. Of course the roses are suitable for occasions where there is a rainbow theme, such as a Pride party or birthday party. This way you can still celebrate Pride in a year in which many events dedicated to Pride have been canceled. In short, give a special touch to a special occasion by using rainbow roses for decoration or as an accessory.

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