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What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying Salwar Online?

In India, weather and seasons are often harsh, and our clothing should be crafted keeping that in mind. Comfort, fabric, and style do not always go hand in hand, and often we have to compromise on one point if we prefer the other. However, that’s not the case always; there is at the very least one particular dress for Indian women, which is simply a no-compromise dress. I’m talking about Salwar kameez, which is such versatile that you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and can select from a vast collection of styles – while without compromising in convenience and pleasure. Salwar kameez, once hailed from the land of Punjab region, allures women from every age and race with its ethnicity, elegance, grandeur, and applicability. This is probably the only dress which is equally loved by women from every part of India – be it north, or south or east or west, after saree of course.

Why Is Salwar So Special?

Did you ever think that why everybody gets attracted to your Salwar suit at any event? Be it a wedding ceremony, or a cocktail party, or a kitty party, wherever you go wearing that ethnic salwar suit; you turn heads.

A Salwar is as versatile as you can be. You can wear it with palazzo, or with a pair of stilettos, even with boots. It’s ethnic and traditional like a painting on canvas, at the same time it’s comfortable and functional like your character. Let’s how a Salwar can make you, to be you!

Salwar Should Complement Your Persona:

One thing must be remembered. A dress, even if it’s the most beautiful Salwar kameez ever made, is still a dress. A dress can’t define you; instead, it should complement you, nothing more and nothing less. You as a person far more important than any dress. So, you should try Salwar which would brighten your unique features but won’t overshadow you. When buying Salwar, avoiding extravaganza can be a rule of thumb; however, there are a few more –

You Should Carefully Choose The Fabric:

The fabric should be your priority, for Salwar, or any other outfit for that matter. Thankfully Salwar comes in a plethora of fabric choices, and here’s some quick tip for you about which fabric you should choose in different situations-

  • If you are on the heavy side, cotton or crepe should be ideal for you, and don’t even look at that Salwar made from velvet or khadi!
  • Or in case you are slender type, then fabrics like velvet or khadi would be perfect for you.
  • During summer time, you should select fabric like cotton or chiffon.

Let Your Figure Decide Your Salwar:

It’s not you, but your body should determine the perfect dress for you. Buying Salwar not following your own body type can be disastrous.

  • If your bustline is thin, then you should avoid those Patiala or afghani Salwars.
  • Or if you are bottom heavy, then avoid too much decoration like zari embroidery or other works.
  • Sleeves should be quarter or half or full if you have healthy shoulders.
  • if you’re thin and tall, sleeveless should be apt for you.
  • Slim and lean girls would look better with Patiala or Anarkali Salwar.

If you’re confident now, you can try buying Salwar kameez online. Salwar kameez online shopping can be tricky, but if you keep the above mentioned points in mind, it’s not that hard too!

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