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5x Favorite toppings for bread | Dutch edition

If there is one place in this world where a lot of bread is eaten, it is in the Netherlands. On average the Dutch eat 133 grams of bread per person, per day. This means that the average Dutch person eats about four slices of bread a day(!). Of course, all these buns are not eaten bare. The Dutch are crazy about bread toppings and in this blog article we tell you five toppings that are eaten the most in the Netherlands. Curious about Dutch customs or would you like some inspiration? Then read on 

Old 30+ cheese with cucumber
An absolute favorite in the Netherlands is cheese on bread. Especially old cheese is really popular with the Dutch! A slice of old cheese with cucumber as a spread is perhaps the most eaten combination in the Netherlands. 30+ cheese has less saturated fat than 48+ cheese and is therefore better for your health. Do you want nice and creamy cheese? Gouda cheese is typically Dutch and very full and rich in flavor. 

Avocado toast
The avocado trend has been all the rage in the Netherlands for a couple of years now and it is now impossible to imagine the Dutch diet without it. Mash an avocado with lemon juice, pepper, salt and chilli flakes and make it into a whole. Surprisingly fresh and super tasty on a dark sandwich! 

Another Dutch favorite is the peanut butter sandwich. The Dutch are crazy about peanut butter and invent the craziest combinations with it. A favorite that not many people know about is the peanut butter sandwich with banana and a big pinch of cinnamon. This combination is heavenly and will pleasantly surprise you! 

‘Schuddebuikjes’ are a traditional Dutch snack, which you will not easily find abroad (unfortunately). The delicious ‘schuddebuikjes’ are particularly popular in the winter. They are reminiscent of the taste of speculoos, they look like small balls and they are very crispy. Shucks do contain a lot of sugar, so we advise you not to eat them too often on your bread. Balance is key, so you can certainly enjoy them once in a while! The ‘schuddebuikjes’ are delicious in combination with a layer of butter. Not a fan of bread? Then this is also a good option to put in your daily yoghurt! 

Dutch products abroad
Are you curious about the traditional Dutch habits for eating bread? All of the above products, such as Gouda cheese, Dutch peanut butter and the ‘schuddebuikjes’ are easy to order via The Dutch Expat Shop. The online Dutch supermarket delivers worldwide. So even from abroad, you can enjoy these Dutch food products.