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Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms With a Single Sink

When homeowners have a small bathroom, often there is room for a single sink rather than a double vanity. With less space, the area must still be functional and visually appealing. Discover innovative vanity ideas for small bathrooms with a single sink to transform the space and maximize its usability. 

Go Contemporary

Adding a modern touch is the fastest way to turn a tired, tiny bathroom into a beautifully spacious one. Try a streamlined single sink bathroom vanity in a rectangular shape rather than round to save space. Include details such as a marble sink and glass tiles as a backdrop for a contemporary feeling that makes an old area appear new. 

Consider a Vessel Sink

Traditional single vanities typically include a cabinet and a sink built into the top. However, other options might appear more spacious and updated. For example, one of the most popular modern vanity design ideas is a vessel sink sitting atop a rustic vanity. Another option is to have open shelving under the vessel sink shelf rather than an enclosed cabinet. 

Try a Floating Vanity

People with a single sink and limited bathroom space may want to try a floating vanity. A bather can get closer to the sink with this vanity for a better experience. Plus, the cabinet is easily accessible and streamlined to fit into tiny areas without overwhelming them. 

Use Contrast

Making a small room visually appealing is crucial to create a welcoming space. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to distract the eye is by adding contrast to the bathroom. Try adding a white sink to a black vanity with gold trim for a boldly luxurious look with a minimal footprint. 

Focus on Hardware

Another way to improve a small bathroom with a single sink is to focus on the hardware. Various hardware options make a significant difference, from water-saving fixtures that help reduce your utility bills to fancy handles that provide visual appeal. 

Additional Shelving

In some instances, the small vanity and sink might not be enough for a family that shares a bathroom with a single sink. Consider adding shelving to the room, such as wall shelves above or below the vanity or toilet. Use the shelves to store bath products, towels, and other essentials rather than putting them in a linen closet or separate room. Maximizing all the space in a small bathroom improves the area’s convenience for everyone.

A Cabinet for Everyone

Vanities are as unique as each house and homeowner, and include a number of single sink options to choose from. Some single sink vanities are simply a shelf with a sink. Others are cabinets with several drawers for storage. Always measure the space to ensure a cabinet will fit without overwhelming the area. For example, a floating vanity or shelf with a vessel sink might be enough for those who keep only a few items in the bathroom. 

The bathroom is one of the most trafficked areas in any house. Additionally, many visitors see the bathroom, so you want it to be functional and attractive. Use the space wisely in a small bathroom to make the most of the available space. When choosing a vanity and single sink, keep storage needs in mind, and consider investing in additional shelving to add more storage.