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Property Contract Translations Services: Leave Property Contract Translation to the Professionals

Looking for your ideal vacation home?

Are you looking for your place in the sun? Perhaps you fancy a Spanish villa on the Costa del Sol or a country retreat in the clear Swiss alpine air? Or maybe you are seeking a city apartment in Paris or Rome? Once you have found your ideal location, it is tempting to buy property so that you visit again and again, without having to stay in hotels. Lots of people buy vacation homes abroad that they can share and enjoy with their immediate and extended family as well as with friends. Vacation homes provide that essential home from home experience that families can enjoy together and are places where they can relax and feel comfortable.

The importance of professional translation cannot be ignored

Professional translations are advisable when planning to buy property abroad. Professional translation services can provide the translation of property information and details, whether brochures or websites. But perhaps most importantly, professional translation services can provide translation of property contracts, often called real estate contracts. Property contracts are very important documents and the translation of these should be left to professionals. Important information is detailed in property contracts, including the purchase price, property boundaries, fixtures and fittings and planning restrictions and as such it is crucial that any translation of your property contract is accurate and correct. Any mistranslation could be very costly.

Moreover, as well as getting independent legal advice when buying property, it is also advisable to appoint an independent translator. That is, it is a good idea to use a translator who is independent from and not recommended by the property agent you are dealing with. The translator should be able to accurately translate documents so that you are fully aware of any additional potential costs, such as possible annual property tax, community fees and other likely fees relating to refuse collection or mains drainage, for example.

Give yourself peace of mind is an online translation agency offering professional translation services. The agency offers the translation of property marketing documents and real estate contracts in a vast number of language combinations, including Spanish, French, Croatian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Greek and German. The agency only assigns native speakers of the target language and, just as important, will ensure that your property contract translation is handled by a legal specialist experienced in property sales. This way you can be assured of a linguistically accurate and legally flawless property contract, using the correct legal terminology to ensure that there is no ambiguity. has a simple and easy to use online price calculator. Documents for translation can be simply uploaded for an immediate and non-binding price quotation at any time of the day. can also provide certified translation of documents that may be required when purchasing property abroad, such as translation of personal ID documents. The agency can also provide any translation of wills that may be needed to help ensure that your property asset passes to your intended beneficiaries.

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