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The Most Trending Casual Dress Colors For a Colorful Summer Wardrobe

Summer is all about cool drinks and fresh colors. And that’s why most summer fashion trends are predominantly fresh and bright colors. Fashion trends keep changing on a regular basis. Seasons have always had a great impact on the current fashion.

Whether it is casual dresses or formal clothing, seasonal colors make the attire much more interesting and appealing. However, wearing the right colors according to the seasonal trends is what makes the most difference in following styles and making a fashion statement. And to do that, we must be aware of the latest color and clothing trends every season. We have collected the latest updates on the most trending colors for casual dresses this summer.

Lemon Yellow

How many ties have you heard poets and nature lovers relate bright yellow shades to sunny summer mornings? Summers and yellow is almost synonymous. Lemony yellow tones look the best in this season. You can also go for lime and soft yellow shades. Pastel yellows are also a great choice for casual dresses this summer. Just pair it with a brighter tone like blue or green for an eye-catching effect.

Rosy Red

Summers are all about bright colors. However, red tones are best mellowed when using it for summer wear. Softer shades like pastels, lighter cherry red tones, or even rosy red that you can find here are a great choice for summer clothing. For casual summer dresses, rose red and candy apple red tones are a great choice. However, you should pair it with some lighter shades like white or softer yellow to balance the bright tones of red.

Fuchsia Pink

Brighter shades of pink are another great choice for this season. While there are many pink hues that look great in summer, the millennial pink and fuchsia tones perfectly convey the bright and fresh vibes of this season. Pink is such a versatile color that you can wear it with it almost any other color and in any style of clothing. But the lighter washed out versions of pink go best with olive tones, warm bronze shades.


Purple is perhaps the most overlooked color when it comes to fashion clothing. However, the subtle and lighter shades of purple have a fresh and vibrant feel that sits just right with the summer atmosphere. Instead of going for dark and dull purple tones, go for lighter shades like lavender and mauve or pastels. Also, you can find here some refreshing dusty purple or paler tones that can go well with white, black, grey, sand or beige colors.

Bright White

White is one color that is universal in every sense of the word. It is the most popular color that goes well with all other colors and can be worn in any season. However, white and its vast variety of shades look particularly fetching on hot summer afternoons! Whether it is pastels, ivory tones, creamy whites, or duller tones, any shade of white is perfect for the summers. Plus, pairing it with other colors is also extremely easy.

Light Blue

Another great color that represents the bright and warm summer is the bright blue tones, especially sky blue tones. Bright as the summer sky, lighter blue tones have a refreshingly cool vibes that bring interest to your attire. Again, blue is easy to pair with other cool and fresh tones like green, pink, yellow, orange, etc.


Another variation of the blue tone, turquoise is a cooler shade of blue that looks as amazing in its darker hues as in its lighter versions. And turquoise might just be the perfect color for summers. It is bright shade and yet has that refreshingly cool effect on the eyes. The oceanic cool tones of turquoise can bring a vibrant and rich feel to your wardrobe if you know how to balance it with other colors. What you can do here is integrate a lot of white and other lighter shades to stop it from overpowering your outfit.

Fresh Green

Green is another color that is just as versatile as white or any other neutral color. It’s not loud or limited to a gender. In fact, the fresh and natural tones of this color can go well with any other color and look good on everyone, no matter the gender or age. Green and its many other variants like sage green, emerald, pale pastels, or military shades can bring a fresh and natural feel to your wardrobe. Hence, it is a lot easier to integrate into your wardrobe than some other colors in this list.


Bright as the summer sun and bold as the scorching heat, orange is one shade that packs a big punch. Its bold and vibrant tones are the best for summer fun. However, it’s best kept as a stand-out piece as it doesn’t go well with many other colors. However, orange is the best choice when you want to make a bold statement.

A good outfit is not just about the right style or the right colors. It is a combination of everything that works best with all other elements of your look. So, it’s important to know which colors go well together and which colors to use as stand-out pieces. You can use the above color guide to find out which colors work best for you this summer!