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3 Most Important Things To Look For When Choosing Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycles are not only fun to ride but also come in handy as far as transportation is concerned. It is fast, cost effective, and easy to access. However, owning a motorcycle is not all there is to it. You also have to make sure that you have all the right and necessary motorcycle gear for safety and protection and not just the gear; they also have to be of high quality and best fitting. 

Important Gears Every Motorcycle Rider Must Have

While there are multiple accessories you can get for your riding ventures, there are some of the most basic and the most important gear you must have as a motorcycle rider. They include; 


This is the most basic and the most essential gear every rider must have. While some states are not strict with helmet and you can choose to ride with or without it, it comes with multiple advantages;

  • Keep your face safe

Accidents are inevitable, and no matter how small they may be, they always tend to leave injuries and sometimes a life long mark. Helmets help protect nose injuries and bruises on your forehead in case accidents happen. 

  • Keep hair, bugs, and dust out of your face

While riding, you get hit by multiple elements, including dust and bugs. Wearing a full face helmet helps protect you from bugs and dust hitting your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hair could also be a destruction when riding. The wind blows it in your face and this may cause problems and even minor accidents for not having a clear vision ahead or having to flip your hair to the back.


Protecting your hands is another one of the most important things and this is where gloves come into play. In the case of accidents, the first thing your brain directs is to extend your hands to protect yourself anyhow. If your hands are not protected then, you risk breaking bones, losing skins, and even fingers.

There are different types of gloves, which also come with different materials and different features. Leather gloves are the most popular and the best protection so far. You might also want to go extra and get one with knuckle protection.

Motorcycle Jackets

This is the next most important motorcycle gear Australia you must get as a rider. One of the common reasons why it is so essential is because it protects you from cold and keeps you warm through your entire riding ventures. Leather jackets, just like leather gloves, are also the most popular.

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Gear

So now you know the essential gears you need to have as a rider, how do you choose the best ones? What are the factors to consider? What do you pay much attention to? Here are some important things to look for;


The number one thing you want to pay attention to is the sizing. Whether it is the helmet, gloves, or amour jacket, It will only be able to protect you when it is in the right fit. Some gears like the helmet do not really have multiple different sizing. But they do come in different shapes, which you may consider in place of size.

You might want to look for other features like adjustable strings, waists, and zip-in linings. This will stay in place for longer and give you maximum protection. When it is the right fit, it also tends to last longer.


You probably haven’t thought of this before. When you stand, your pants and sleeves may be longer. But how about when you are seated on your bike ready to go? Are they still long enough? Remember that motorcycle gears are meant to give you maximum protection and if they are not long enough, they might as well not be as effective. 


There are multiple different companies that make motorcycle gears. They all come in different styles, colors, designs, and materials. They also come in different prices and more often than not, you might be tempted to go for the cheapest one. The options are in abundance but above everything else; make sure to look for the best quality. 

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