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Shifting Home? 10 Tips To Help You Avoid Moving Day Chaos

Moving or simply signing paperwork on a new home means making a new life for everyone. The enthusiasm of getting settled at a new place or environment and even meeting your new neighbors will eventually fade away if we don’t make a head start plan before shifting in a new home –unless you’re Mary Poppins, the problem is, you’re not.

Staying organized, planning ahead of time, and investing in cheap moving companies can definitely eliminate those hassles on getting ready for a new house – if you’re asking how, Lucky you because, in this article, I will share you some of the best and easiest tips to help you avoid the moving day chaos.

10 Must-Have Tips to avoid Moving chaos:
Avoid Moving Day Chaos

Moving Tip #1: Plan ahead of time and stay organized as much as you can

Leaving in last minute is a big no-no mainly because there could a chance that you’re moving day will be chaotic and hassle. To ensure that moving day will smoothly run when you shift on a new home, it is important to create a list of generic items in your home and put them in the box a day or two before you start moving out.

Moving Tip #2: Make your moving day strategy

Contacting cheap moving companies, renting a moving truck for a day, or even asking some friends with trucks to get you from your new location especially on shorter or long-distance moves is definitely a great option.

Moving Tip #3: Clean and Green

Wastes like bubble wrap, newspapers, and cardboard boxes can be produced on moving day which can contribute to the number of waste in the environment. You should consider using wrap breakables or older bed sheets instead of using plastic bins.

Moving Tip #4: Write labels on everything

To make it easier to determine all the items or belongings, you should always put labels on them as well as on their boxes.

Moving Tip #5: Sort all the objects or items that are useless around your house

Some people tend to hoard items and objects that are useless which is why when moving out to a new home, you should take time to get rid all of these things. This could be a great chance to not only organize your belongings but also saves some space in the next home as well. You can put them in a garage or yard sale or even better put them up for donation.
Avoid Moving Day Chaos 01

Moving Tip #6: Learn the rules on your home or neighborhood

Shifting to a new home in a new place can be difficult but it gives you the best opportunity to meet new people and therefore you should also learn their house rules and regulations. Always take note, all the moving policy and procedures before scheduling your moving day.

Moving Tip #7: Organize and prepare all your moving day kit

To avoid chaos on moving and be ready to enjoy your new home, you will need to sort out all the essential things and put it inside a box such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, toilet paper, change of clothes, snacks, and cases of water, and so on.

Moving Tip #8: Always check your belongings before taking them out to trash

Don’t mistake your belongings for trash, if you’re the type of person who puts everything on the large black plastic trash bags then you should’ve experienced losing important things in the past which is why as I mentioned earlier, always put labels on every of your belonging in order to avoid mistakes and confusion before the moving day.
Avoid Moving Day Chaos 02

Moving Tip #9: Have your new home renovated before

moving in

If you’re moving to long-distance locations, having your new home renovated first if it has some issues to get fixed is a smart thing to do before going on board. Choosing a company is probably your best like renovation Cape Town. Whose services are very much talked about and sworn by many? And having your home at 100% condition before shifting there would save you tons of headaches and frustrations.

Moving Tip #10: Explore your new home and make friends with your new neighbors

Inform your new neighbors immediately that you’ll be moving in, in this way, you can build an immediate impression on how you interact with them.


Moving into a new place and a new home is sometimes unsettling as being in a new neighborhood sometimes gives you uncertainties, but it can also be an exhilarating experience for some adventurous souls. By following these simple yet effective steps on how to make your shifting homes experience as smooth of a transition will be, definitely helps you avoid the moving day chaos or hassle.