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Finding The Right Rubber Shoes For Women

Rubber is used extensively for making the soles of the shoes, because it is a very flexible material and also does not absorb water. However, the uppers of many types of shoes are usually made from other materials like leather , textile or other material for greater comfort and better design. Yet for some applications like during heavy rainfall , women have to wear rubber shoes with rubber soles and rubber uppers since other materials will absorb water and remain wet for a long time. Hence many women would like to find out what is the best rubber shoes for women.

The best shoes depend to some extent on the application for which the shoes are being used. Many women who are working in emergency medical services have to wear rubber shoes, since rubber is an insulating material and does not conduct electricity. The rubber shoes designed for emergency workers have other features like thicker soles and being designed so that they can be easily worn and removed. However, usually women require rubber shoes during wet weather, like heavy rainfall or snowfall, or for outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, when they have to wade through water.

Many regions of the world experience heavy rainfall, due to which many areas get flooded. Also many women do not have vehicles, so they require quality rubber shoes which will allow them to walk long distances in the rain or on wet surfaces comfortably and safely. Hence it is important to check the design of the rubber shoes to ensure that water will not accumulate in the shoes even after walking through flooded areas so that the user can walk comfortably. Even if the water enters the shoe, it should have enough holes so that the water will quickly get drained away, so that the feet are not soaked in water for long.

Another important consideration is the traction of the shoes, it should have non slip out-soles for better traction. Usually for high quality shoes, the manufacturer will usually specify that the out-sole is designed so that the user will not slip even if the surface on which the user is walking is very slippery. Often while wading through fast flowing streams or flooded areas, the shoes may be washed away if they are not properly secured to the foot. Hence it is advisable to check the design to ensure that the shoes will not come out, even in fast flowing water.

When the foot skin becomes wet, it is far more likely to get cuts or injured. So the effect of shoe bites will be more. Hence it is very important to wear shoes which are of the right size and shape. Usually the entire shoe is made from rubber, and while purchasing online a rubber shoe, the seller will provide all the dimensions. These dimensions should be compared to the dimensions of the users feet, and then a suitable shoe should be chosen. While purchasing shoes offline, it is easier to check the design of the rubber shoe, since more shoe stores allow the customer to wear the different shoes to find the best fitting shoe.

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