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4 Quality Feeder Insects for Reptiles

Do you know what the best feeder insects for reptiles are?

Perhaps you’re a new reptile owner, or you’re doing your research before buying one. Either way, it’s important to know what reptiles like to eat before you bring one home for the first time.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top four options for convenient and nutritious feeding. Keep reading for all you need to know.

1. Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black soldier fly larvae are the larval form of the Hermetica Illucens fly. They’re among the very best feeder insects because they’re low-maintenance, easy to store, and well-balanced nutritionally. In particular, they are excellent sources of calcium.

If you have a chameleon or other reptile that enjoys hunting for flying insects, you can grow your fly larvae into adult flies before feeding them to your pet.

2. Crickets

Brown house crickets have been among the most popular feeder insects for sale for several years. This is largely because they are very high in protein, which is essential for keeping reptiles healthy.

Some reptile enthusiasts feel that crickets have parasites and offer little nutrition. But this is rarely the case. As long as you buy feeder insects from a trustworthy source and feed them a healthy diet, crickets should be fine for your reptile.

It’s a good idea to gut load crickets before using them as reptile feeders. Gutloading means feeding insects nutrient-rich foods for at least 24 hours before feeding them to pets. It’s a good way to boost their nutritional value.

While crickets have lots of protein, they don’t have much calcium. You can fix this by feeding your crickets lots of calcium-rich foods for a day or two before feeding them to your reptile.

3. Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches are among the most popular feeder roaches. These live feeder insects are very rich in nutrients and come in a wide variety of convenient sizes. They are also very easy to gut-load, which can make them particularly nutritious.

Although crickets have always been popular among reptile owners, Dubia Roaches are becoming even more popular for their resiliency. As far as bulk feeder insects go, they are easy to keep and live longer than crickets.

4. Buffalo Beetles

The buffalo beetle or lesser mealworm is an excellent addition to many bioactive insect feeder colonies. Besides being a great feeder insect for many small animals, buffalo beetles serve as a cleaner crew for insect colonies.

When mixed with a Dubia Roach colony, buffalo beetles will help recycle the Dubia frass and uneaten fruit, helping keep the colony clean and healthy. They also possess a soft outer shell that makes them easy for reptiles to digest.

You can shop for buffalo beetles to strengthen your feeder colony or supplement your reptile’s diet, or both. They’re a versatile and useful type of feeder insect. Buffalo beetle larvae also make good feeder insects.

Get the Best Feeder Insects for Reptiles Today

And there you have it: the top four feeder insects for reptiles. While every pet reptile has different needs, these are some great options that should work well for almost any reptile owner.

For more insightful ideas and helpful tips, keep reading our blog.