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5 Things you Must Try at the Great Salt Lake

It is not possible to hear of the Great Salt Lake City and not think of The Great Salt Lake when the name of the city itself is derived from this famous lake. The Great Salt Lake is a wonder to behold and a must-see place when you are in Salt Lake City.

There are so many things to do at The Great Salt Lake that you must try. Check out best live bands from Salt Lake City if you love music like we do. Other than that, here are five things that you need to do the next time you visit the lake.

1. Sailing

The water level is too low for traditional sailboats, but sailing is a top-rated attraction for the Great Salt Lake. Despite the low water levels, people are still able to launch at the Great Salt Lake Marina with their shallow draft daysailers and paddle boat.

2. Swimming

This activity is sort of obvious because the majority of the state park is water. However, many locals have never gone swimming in this lake. The Great Salt Lake is divided in two by a causeway, and the south half of the lake is about 16 percent salts. The north half of the lake has a higher salinity level with about 27 Percent salt. This lake is about as salty as the Dead Sea. The high concentration of salt causes anything in it to float, and it is a unique experience where you can float effortlessly. Although the lake is full of tiny brine shrimp, they don’t bother the swimmers.

3. Boat Dinner Cruise

Gonzo Boat Rentals and Tours began to offer boat dinner cruises in 2014. This 2-hour cruise allows the patrons to tour part of the Great Salt Lake, all the while eating dinner and watching the beautiful sunset over the water. You get a great view of the Lake City and Antelope Island. While the Great Salt Lake sometimes has an odor, according to the Gonzo Boat Rentals and Tours website, it is fine on the water. Most of these tours leave from the Great Salt Lake Marina. Their tour season runs from May to September.

4. Bird Watching

According to the Utah State Parks website, The Great Salt Lake is a migratory stop in North America for many bird species. variety of birds stop here to get rest and eat while they migrate to various locations. You can see a variety of species during spring including snowy egrets, avocets, killdeer, Canada geese and red-tailed hawks. In winter, you can see golden eagles, white pelicans and bald eagles at the Great Salt Lake. You can also feed ducks at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

5. Kayaking or Paddleboarding

The Great Salt Lake is a great place to go kayaking or paddleboarding. These activities are a fun recreational way to get some exercise. If you haven’t tried paddleboarding yet, you should. It feels pretty amazing when you are out there on the water.

These are some great activities that you can do, and you are bound to have an amazing time at The Salt Lake the next time you visit it.

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