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Top 5 Places to Visit in America for Every Water Lover

Living the American dream is what the citizens of America prize the most and what makes large numbers of tourists flock to America every year. If you are a water lover, America has a great number of places where you can go and relax or give yourself an adrenaline rush. Here, listed below are five places in America for every water lover. Check out the Smart Start Kayaking for the best kayak compass.


Alaska is a hub of adrenaline junkies that love water. The raging water provides whitewater rafters with perfect conditions to go white water rafting. The water comes from icebergs and glaciers, and that is why the water churns and tests one’s ability to manage the raft in such extreme water conditions. For anyone who is looking for water adventure, this is the place to go. One will not only come in close contact with nature but have a ride of a lifetime. If you are looking for the kayak visit


Kayaking is a sport with emerging reputation and fan following that is increasing day by day. If you’re a fan, Texas is the place to go. It has the most places suitable for kayaking when you can find an inflatable kayak for your kayaking adventure. You can start a summer job and head out to kayak whenever you have some time off. People in Texas have numerous choices to choose from; they can go and paddle in peaceful waters or take their kayak to the fast-churning water and give their adrenaline levels a boost. If you are a pro or a first timer Texas is going to tend to your kayaking needs for sure. Click here and find out more about kayaking.


If you are going to visit Oregon Crater Lake should be on your bucket list. Cliff divers from all around the world come here to enjoy the serenity of the view and dive off cliffs that are sure to get their adrenaline flowing. This lake, however, is not for those who are new at this sport as it can prove to be dangerous. Even if you have practiced and have it all sorted out, if it is your first time trying it alone, this surely isn’t the place for you.

Catalina Island, CA

If you love sailing make sure not to miss out what Catalina Island has to offer. If you go to LA to party make sure to take a day out and sail to the Catalina islands. The crystal clear waters are sure to calm you down. You can take the person you love; a few close friends pop a bottle of champagne open and have some time to yourself.


If you visit America for the holidays and don’t take time out to go to Hawaii that is a definite loss. For all those who love water and love to take part in thrilling activities, Oahu shark dive is the place to visit. You get to see actual sharks!! Not from being the glass but from behind a cage! The crew assures the visitor that the safety protocols have been met. On the way to the Pacific to see the sharks, you may also come across dolphins and hump whales. In short, it is nothing short of an experience that you will never forget.

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