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Unveiling the Luminous: When to Catch the Amsterdam Light Festival

The Light Festival is one of the most awaited events in the city of Amsterdam. If you want see the town in its full swing, the light festival is the best time to visit. Or if you are a local, and looking to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, schedule a private boat trip to the canals in the city during this prime time of the year. This is the time when the city shines to its best and is worth visiting for the young and old alike. Visit and find out more

What is Amsterdam Light Festival?

Amsterdam Light Festival is among the best festive seasons in the city. It is marked by erecting illuminous art works throughout the city, especially along the various canals. Different artists are given an opportunity to create their best possible artworks to be displayed for the public appreciation. 

This event engages almost every segment of the society and has to offer something for everyone. To ensure that it brings joy for everyone, every year various projects are introduced. For example, for the past few years, special trips are consistently being arranged for the primary school kids. a huge number of children from various schools visit the festival and travel through boats into the canals so they can appreciate the art pieces closely. 

Moreover, the elderly are also given a chance to pay special visit to the centers of festivity. Special trips are arranged for the senior citizens on dedicated boats to help them get connected to others as they admire the festival cruising past the art works. 

And guess what’s the best part of the festival? It’s the platform provided to the young artists. every season, the emerging artists from the Breitner academy co create different pieces of light art which means they get the recognition for their creativity.

Who Runs Amsterdam Light Festival?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a private venture and it has nothing to do with the government. A private foundation runs this event on its own. They don’t get any financial support from the state. This foundation makes the event possible with the help of its partners. Besides, support is provided by means of donations and tickets sold to the general public. So, everyone and anyone can help organize this festival by contributing as much as possible. 

Now the question arises, when is the Amsterdam Light Festival? The schedule might not be the same every season. Let’s have a look at when it is starting and what will be its duration this year. 

When Is the Light Festival in Amsterdam

This festival continues whole year round, however, every winter, its new version commemorates and the new art works are introduced. This year, it is set to start on 30th of November, 2023 and will continue till 21st of January, 2024. 

Why Its Worth Hiring a Private Boat for the Event?

Since, most of the art works during the festival are exhibited along the canals throughout the city, the best option to enjoy the festival would be to hire a boat because it will give you a closer look of all the illuminous at works. 

However, the larger tourist boats might not give you an experience as awesome as is provided by the saloon boats. These can travel to almost every rout because of their size and that too without the fear of getting stuck in the busy canals where there would be comparatively more boats as compared to other times of the year. 

Moreover, a private boat like our Undine saloon cruise offers privacy for small groups or couples looking to spend their best time floating above the waters of this beautiful city. You can book undine for 8 people including maximum 6 adults and enjoy a gathering of your family or friends.

We have every facility on board which you might need on board. We welcome you onboard with a complementary drink and as you cruise through the water, our mini bar offers a variety of other drinks including all sorts of cold and hot beverages. 

Our double glass windows ensure that no fog accumulates along the way and you are able to get a crystal clear view. Besides, you can combine your light festival tour with a private dining experience. however, for this, the minimum duration of the trip needs to be 2 hours if you will be opting for 1 course and at least 2.5 hours if you go for 3 to 4 courses. 

The eateries are all located along the canals and they can easily deliver the food directly into your saloon cruise. 

Now that you know when is Amsterdam Light Festival, it is highly advisable that you book a boat ahead of time as the festival is marked by increased number of bookings and you certainly so not want to ruin your plans just because of the unavailability of boat. 

Where to Book a Private Cruise for Amsterdam Light Festival?

If you are coming with a group of up to 8 individuals, we recommend booking our iconic Undine private saloon. However, for groups larger than this size, we have other options available as well. All the information you need for the facilities provided on our private cruise can be accessed here. To book your tour in time, kindly contact us and we will recommend the best possible options for you depending upon the group size and preferred dining options.