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Is A Damascus Steel Wedding Ring the Right Choice for You?

Even though it has been around for centuries, Damascus steel has now become popular for use in wedding rings. The roots of Damascus steel with its distinctive wavy, liquid-like patterns can be traced back to the weaponry used in ancient times. It was much prized for its exceptional hardness, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, and possessed sharpness that was much superior to other steel weapons of that time. After having vanished from use in the 19th century, it has staged a comeback not only in kitchen knives but also in wedding bands. Some pros and cons of Damascus steel wedding bands explained for you to decide whether you should go shopping for one:

Unique Patterns

Damascus steel is unlike any other steel because of its striking wavy patterns produced by the manufacturing process that involves placing ingots of different metals and shades in stacks before bonding with high heat. The twisting and shaping of the steel give in a unique pattern that can make no two wedding rings the same. However, even though the patterns are unique, you can choose from strains like water patterns, wood grains, and geometric patterns. Each of these is marked by movement, fluidity, and spontaneity that make them awesome to buy and wear.

Very Good Value-For Money

One of the most compelling reasons for buying a Damascus steel wedding ring from EpicWeddingBands is its value for money. Even though you can get some of the wedding rings at a throwaway price, you should desist from buying the cheap ones as their quality will not be up to the mark. Even though compared to the traditional precious metals, Damascus steel is far cheaper; you should keep aside a budget of $400-1000 for a good-quality ring that will be your constant companion.


One of the big pluses of Damascus steel rings is that it is long-lasting being very durable. The metal is ideal for daily use and can take all that you can throw at it without blinking. However, if you are keen to have a ring that will last you a lifetime, you should make sure that the patterns are etched and not painted as painted patterns will invariably flake off with use.

Easy Maintenance

Damascus steel wedding rings require minimal maintenance. If you wear it daily, a weekly soak in warm soapy water followed by a thorough scrubbing with a soft toothbrush is enough to keep it looking as new for years. Make sure that you do not expose the ring to harsh chemicals like chlorine that can corrode it. If you buy a high-quality ring made out of marine alloys, you can be confident that it will not rust.


Damascus wedding rings are a great buy, however, before buying, you should check with the jeweler regarding the metals used in a particular ring. Depending on what has gone into its manufacture, it may not be possible to resize it, and if it contains nickel, it may cause allergic reactions if your skin is sensitive. If you love to wear something distinctive and unique on your finger, there is nothing better than a Damascus steel wedding ring.