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Top Trending Colors for Fall 2021

Are you keen to start making some home improvements to your property to get it ready for sale? Or do you want to make the home more inviting for yourself and change things up a bit for interest? Either way, you might like to look to some of the top trending colors for fall 2021 to inspire you. 


If you’re looking for a darker tone for your home but don’t want to go too somber, play around with indigo. This rich, comforting, deep blue with touches of purple shade can create a serene and cocoon-like feel in spaces. Use it as a wall color to bring some moody drama to rooms, or use it as an accent shade. 

It works well in coastal interiors in this way, but you can also mix indigo layers with bold, bright colors such as orange and hot pink when you want to create more of a modern, energetic vibe. Plus, indigo pairs beautifully with wood, so you can use it in rooms with wood paneling or beams or bring in the wooden look with a farmhouse ceiling fan, wood-look light fixture, or shelving, tables, or other timber furniture. 


Terracotta is a perfect fall color to use in the home. This warm, burnt orange, red, and brown mixture creates a cozy atmosphere that’s just right as the weather starts to turn chilly. It’s a tactile and versatile shade that, while you might not think it at first glance, works nicely with numerous design styles, such as minimalistic, Bohemian, coastal, and Spanish. 

You can fully commit to this hue by painting the walls a pretty terracotta or tiling floors or backsplashes in this color. Or, opt instead to bring in large rugs, sofas, accessories, and the like in this pleasing shade. 


The first color that comes to mind when you picture fall isn’t going to be navy. However, this rich, dark shade can bring plenty of elegance to homes and works beautifully paired with more traditional fall hues. It pays to use it alongside colors such as sage green, copper, and orange or terracotta via layers. For example, in a bedroom, you could add a navy-based rug plus navy throw pillows. 


Simple creamy colors never go out of season, so if you want to stick with a more traditional neutral look this fall, cream might be your answer. Just make sure you layer in plenty of other shades and textures in the room to avoid an environment that feels too sterile, especially at this time of year when we all want a warm and cozy space to hang out in. 


Do you want to bring some bling to your abode? If so, keep in mind that gold is the trending metal right now. You can add golden accents to anything and everything, whether as simple additional layers in a room, such as votives, door handles, glassware, frames, vases, and sculptures, or with more prominence, such as in wallpaper, chandeliers, fabrics, or even paint. 


If you’re looking to add a lovely bright pop of color to your home this fall, consider using magenta. This purplish-red shade containing a lot of blue can add drama and romance, whether you use it on large surfaces such as wall paint or bring it into your home with furnishings like area rugs and sofas. Alternatively, if you don’t want too much of a good thing, incorporate it in artwork, cushions, throws, bed linen, towels, drapery, vases, etc.  


If you like neutral tones but want to add more richness to rooms, you might find caramel a good option. This burnt sugar shade is a lighter option in the brown family and lends coziness and decadence to the home. You can drench your property in honey hues via timber or tan leather couches or chairs, paint a feature wall in this color, or add more subtle swirls of the delicious shade via decorative accents. Caramel can suit boho-inspired homes, Hamptons-style houses, modern places, and more. 


Peach is a shade that’s coming back into popularity in 2021. This soft, light salmon or coral-type hue is sweet and cozy, and you can ramp up its intensity according to your preferences. It also works when combined with colors in a similar range, such as mauve or pink, or when paired with contrasting shades such as gray, blue, or green. 

As you can see, there are all sorts of interesting colors you could try in your home over the coming months. You might even combine two or more of the above hues into your decorating to really give your property a fun, fresh look.