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Should I Buy A Kitchen Range Hood? What To Ask Before You Shop

Range hoods for a kitchen are utilitarian accessories that help to increase ventilation as well as remove odor. You can find them in most modern homes and apartments where ventilation in kitchen spaces are poor or not present.

If you wish to make the range hood in your kitchen look appealing, you could opt for those that have modern, industrial designs as well as ones those that comes with bespoke built-in covers. More importantly, you need to pick the hood that would be right for your kitchen. Here are some points that would help you make the right choice.

Ventilation features

Ventilation is the first point to consider that would also influence the design of the hood.

  • If it is a vented or a ducted hood it would have different design features as compared to non-vented and duct-free hoods.
  • If possible, it is best to opt for the ducted or vented hoods that force the air outside and help remove the smells and smoke.
  • In a non vented hood design the air is pulled in through the filter and is re-circulated and brought back to the kitchen. Though the ductless range hoods might seem to be less work, in certain cases the air is not cleaned up adequately and the odors still remain in the house.

Range hood designs

There are different types you can shop for depending on the kitchen layout; nowadays you can opt for an island hood as well as an under cabinet hood. These are mounted on top of cabinets while the wall mounted hoods are mounted to walls instead of cabinets. The hoods that are ducted can be hidden or artfully placed along the ceiling or wall.


When you wish to install your range hood on an island kitchen counter, you need to vent it with an island hood which is also known as ceiling mounted or chimney hood. These are mounted towards the ceiling and comprise of ductwork which funnels the air up and it is said that such island hoods should be three inches more in width than the cooktop range. There are downdraft hood designs that are also available where the air and steam are vented through ducts which run from the floor but these are known not to work as well as overhead hoods.
Other factors that matter

Other factors that need to be considered are:

  • the size and strength of the range hood. The size of the hood should be at least wider than the cooktop range you have.
  • In terms of strength, the airflow is usually measured as cubic feet per minute and the higher the number the more the range can vent.
  • You should also consider the noise that it creates. The hood range noise is showcased in sones. The lower the sone the better as it represents less noise while it is operating.
  • There are fan speeds also mentioned in which case toy will want multiple fan speeds, at least two to ensure that the venting is quiet and more efficient.

The above points will help you know what the factors are to look out for when shopping for range hoods.