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Unravel the Mystery of Tripping in Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Have you had an  underwater experience till  date? No? Are you ready to gear yourself for an  unique and ravishing dive under the sea surface? Are you obsessed with scuba diving and have immediate plans to take a trip to Florida? Live the dream to stay under the blue waters! 

By now, you have paid bills for numerous stays in your dreamlike hotels, situated on the land. But, isn’t it something different to enlist your name as a scuba enthusiast and stay in an underwater hotel? How cool would it be if you get the scope to live like a mermaid for an entire night? 

The Jules Undersea lodge is the only top listed underwater hotel in Florida, the southeasternmost province of the US. It serves as  an artificial reef, providing shelter to many scuba divers. 

A Sneak – Peek into the Underwater Experience

Are you wondering if people can really sleep on the seabed?  The Jules Undersea Lodge is the perfect destination for that. The scuba divers often say that they have lived this dream of theirs in that place.  Most of them believe that they have developed their fondness of scuba diving after sleeping underwater, at least once. At Jules, you get this opportunity to spend a night sleeping inside the submerged metal box.

The Jules Undersea Lodge is a great place to enjoy scuba diving on windy days. There is less to fear and more to enjoy. Though it’s open to the ocean, it’s protected by mangroves. To offer luxurious service to clients, it is a well-built underwater hotel attached to the seabed by leg structures in a  protected lagoon. In the dreamlike hotel, passengers can cite out of the window to see fishes. 

In the underwater hotel, you need to dive to enter the hotel. The underwater lodge is filled with compressed air and the surrounding water never rises above the level and floods the room. 

A Brief Guide of the Lodge

Every passenger looks forward to the featured introduction to the lodge. Popularly, it’s known as the ‘mission briefing.’ The guide introduced himself as the ‘Wolf Man’ and guided the boarders on the scuba through the lagoon. If the travelers wish to take a look of the underwater surroundings, they can plan for the dive based on the briefing. 

Under a depth of 25 feet, a calm mangrove environment remains unaffected by currents and tides. To be more precise, the symbiotic relationship between natural beauty and technological invention is maintained. The training dives refer to the Emerald Lagoon as the popular location. 

Things- to -do in the Dive

Everywhere in the underwater scenes, you can easily spot feather duster worms, anemones, and sponges. Also, you could easily spot some colorful parrotfish, seahorses, and some cute barracuda. 

You will find that divers order pizzas for lunch but it’s inevitable that you need some filling when you are under the sea surface. The iconic underwater piazza delivery for dinner can be a good option to soothe your hunger pangs.

Layout of the Lodge

You will feel that you have surfaced through a small plunge pool known as the ‘Moon Pool.’ The Moon Pool of the Jules Undersea Lodge is located in the middle of the three compartments. It constitutes a hot shower provided with conditioner, soap, and shampoo and a toilet attached to it. There are two side-by-side bedrooms on one side of the porthole. On the other side of it, you can find the entertainment zone decorated with the dazzling kitsch surrounded by  a common room with a galley. The additional amenities which you can expect on a dive in the lodge are the offerings of wifi and an Amazon fire stick. What would capture the most of your attention is the big “ol 42’ windows. 

Rental Charges of the Lodge

Now, it’s the time to unlock the Jules Undersea lodge price. To finalize your booking for a   room of this  lodge, keep  reading further. 

You might  question yourself what are the rates of the room? Though there are  no specific prices for each room, yet visitors can make a good management out of the different ranged packages. 

You shouldn’t compare the rates of any normal hotel on the land because this exotic place  offers you something different. Indeed, the packaged trip includes a trip for two, 3 hours stay, a single occupancy package, a package for a group, and of course a romantic getaway package.

Let’s check the rental charges of the underwater activity of the lodge. Definitely, every scuba divers show their interest in taking a sneak-peek of the charges allotted to snorkeling. The most exciting activity is snorkeling and an individual can do it at $15 per person. The snorkeling followed by an instructor costs $35 and a  special night snorkeling levels upto $40 per person. Needless to say, you have to pay the charges for the equipment such as gear pack at$40, wetsuit at $10, and tank at $8 for such  activities. 

The Bottom Line

Truly, you will find yourself in heaven because you can sit in the porthole of the Jules Undersea lodge and watch fishes swimming by your side. Isn’t it exciting? To make it more interesting, you can order pizza with two toppings of your choosing. Also, you’re free to upgrade your fancy lobster dinner at just $80! 

While on the dive, you need to be alert about the pressure changes. Travelers are cautioned that they shouldn’t unpack their toiletries and underwater camera housings with fully charged batteries. Another thing to keep in mind is that with a 30 days or more notice to your lodge booking, you can get a refund of 50% of your deposit at the Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida.

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