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Human Lace wig

Human external characteristics, such as skin tone, hair growth rate, hair color, and height, are genetically controlled. This means that little can be done to modify them, except for more complex gene therapy. However, a feature that has allowed a superficial change is the hair color and its growth rate. Many women around the world have an attachment to their hair. It brings a sense of beauty and elegance. The use of half wigs is one of the main ways to enhance this beauty.

Lace wigs should be treated like ordinary hair. The reason is that many wigs are made from the best quality hair, with the cuticle intact. If you have a human wig made of virgin Indian Remy hair, it must be well maintained and kept for a long time, especially after spending so much money. There are some simple steps to keep your wig, human or synthetic hair, looking good.

Before applying your lace wig

The purchase of a human lace wig protective sealant will easily extend the life of your lace wig. What the protector seals are the hair tied on the lace. In extra time, these hairs can come off the wash or regular brushing. The product also helps to strengthen the front of the lace so that the adhesives adhere easily.

It may also be one of the easiest ways to maintain your lace. After the purchase, just brush your hair in place, spray on the sealer, and let it dry. It is suggested to make a new request about 2-3 times if it is a brand new lace. Over time, you should also reapply before washing or having it repaired by a professional.

While you wear your wig

When wearing your wig, you should also use common sense. As with your own hair, your lace hair must be protected from the elements, such as extreme heat and wind. Wrap lace hair in a silk hat like your normal hair is a good idea to protect them from these conditions.

Some other common-sense things that many of us forget are also suggested. A wide-tooth comb should be used instead of one of the harder brushes that many people use. This will reduce the risk of entanglement and removal of cuticles. Since many people pull too hard on their own hair when brushing, the wide-tooth comb will lessen the effects of a heavy hand.

When you take off your wig

Most of your lace products will be used to eliminate your lace base. It is extremely important to have an adhesive remover for wigs. If you are simply trying to use alcohol or soap and water, you will damage the lace of the wig and your own hair. An adhesive solvent for wig dissolves even the strongest glue.

The shampoo for wigs and lace cleaners are not the same. Some shampoos for human lace wig are simply intended for the hair of a lace wig while others are versatile to clean the remaining glue off the lace and clean the hair. You will need both products, so be sure to read what you buy before buying.

A lace wig is widely preferred because they are easy to repair and create a real impression of hair. These wigs are woven by hand on the base of the lace on the scalp. There are three types of lace wigs, and they include:

  1. Front Lace, their lace is at the root of the hair and attaches to the front of the head.
  2. Full lace wig. Thus, the lace covers the entire scalp and thus allows this type of wig to be styled differently, as would a normal hair. This is ideal for those who pose as total baldness.
  3. Lace wigs, they have laces at the front and back. They are usually equipped with adjustable fasteners at the back to keep the wig comfortably on the head.

Finally, leave the lace off your wig intact by entrusting it to a repairer of lace or a specialized store. Swiss lace is more likely to need repairs for damaged. Repairing a small tear before it progresses is imperative. Getting more hair in the hairline is a good idea to keep the hair root full and natural.