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4 Home Investments to Consider for 2020

If you are looking for an exciting investment for 2020, you need not look any further than your home. Residential property is an enormous investment, and the more you put into your home or rental property, the more pleasant returns will come your way.

There are many ways that you can add value to your home or rental property, no matter how good the current condition is. As a bonus, performing regular improvements and maintenance makes your home more appealing in case you sell, according to The Motley Fool.

Here are four investments to spruce up your home in 2020.

1. Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen serves purposes beyond cooking and providing sustenance to loved ones. It serves as the home’s hearth and gathering point. It is the spot where people congregate at the best parties.

The kitchen also provides you an easy way to showcase your style, your awareness of current trends and your care for your home. Unleash your creativity while adding efficiency and function into your kitchen space.Improve Net shares that kitchen remodels come near the top of the list for high return on investment (ROI) home improvement projects. Some experts share that homeowners can recoup over 90 percent from a kitchen remodeling project, often paying for itself in equity, the Motley Fool adds.

2. De-clutter and Create More Usable Space

Sometimes the purpose of home investments offers the most value in terms of peace of mind. Purging the basement, attic and garage can help you de-clutter your home and your life. Removing unneeded items, even if temporarily, can help restore order and control to your life.

You may not feel ready to throw away some items; in that case, you can invest in a self storage unit. Self storage facilities offer an array of choices in storage:

  • Size and type of container, including locker, small, medium, large or vehicle
  • Climate control, cooled only or humidity control
  • Access via drive up or ground level

Anything that doesn’t allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed is not likely to serve as a benefit to your home, so removing unwanted items becomes an instant investment for you and your family. It also easier to prepare to sell a home with fewer belongings on-site.

3. Perform Regular Home Maintenance

It isn’t glamorous to update the plumbing or tend to cracked drywall, but little things add up. According to HGTV, a homeowner’s foremost focus should be to keep the home structure secure and sound. It doesn’t matter how stunning your trendy kitchen remodel turned out if your basement smells musty and dank. While you will impress guests in the short-term with your ultra-modern bathroom and kitchen, you will need to play catch-up with maintenance and repairs when it is time to sell.

4. Remember Curb Appeal

Although many house shoppers surf the internet before visiting a home for sale, it is still important to catch their eye upon arrival. It is also vital to capture the perfect image for the realtor’s website to pique each home buyer’s interest and encourage them to visit for a tour.

A few ideas to get you started on creating strong curb appeal include:

  • Add a full front porch to add character and interest to the house’s appearance
  • Place plants, hanging flowers and furniture on the porch to convey warmth
  • Paint or install siding for a low-cost way to make a big impact

Enjoy a Strong ROI With These Home Investments

The list of home investments you can make is massive. Use these four ideas to get started on your home investment project to maintain an attractive outdoor facade, a modern kitchen, a regular repair and touch-up schedule and enjoy ample space. After you finish those projects, there are many other investments you can make in your home.