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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Applying Wallpaper

When applying wallpapers, one has to be pretty responsible in following every detail as they might commit a wallpaper crime otherwise. Ensuring that the pastel stripe wallpaper is fixed and installed properly is the one and main duty of the installer as a messed up applied wallpaper will ruin the entire look of the house and will be difficult for the residents afterward to pay for a crime they committed unknowingly. 

To make certain that you never regret applying your favorite wallpaper the wrong way, read the following mistakes to avoid them at every cost while installing:

Not Using a lining paper:

Knowing that the wallpaper print is not compromised and ignored depending on the previous color of the wall, people must buy a lining paper before. For those who have never installed any wallpaper before, if you are going with a relatively light-colored wallpaper with design or without any design; buy yourself a lining paper. Moreover, it will guarantee the safe removal of wallpaper as well. 

Measuring the wall and wallpaper carelessly:

Getting too much excited while getting a wallpaper is justified until it does not ruin the look of your house. Before making any deal of buying the wallpapers, one must make certain that they have the exact size of wallpapers as is required in your house. Calculating the wall width and length as well as the size of the wall is one step towards attaining the look that you desire to acquire of your house. 

Putting wallpaper on everything:

While you might get over-excited taking a certain wallpaper at hand, ensure that you do not paste it on every corner, furniture, and item of your house. Not only will it cause you hurdles and trouble in installing the wallpaper, but will also ruin your hygiene. By tempering your cleanliness issues, it will become more of a problem than a décor. Moreover, it will take the decency and elegance of wallpaper. 

Wrong placement of the wallpaper:

Ensuring that you have all imagined and set within your mind regarding the placement of the wallpaper is not enough. You have to measure the size of everything clearly and then proceed with cutting the wallpaper. In this step, the focus on the trivial yet game-changing items is being laid. The items like switches and other electronic wiring need to be kept in mind while applying wallpapers, or else it will be morphed into something undesirable. 

Ordering the exact size of the wallpaper as needed:

If it is your first time applying the wallpaper on your own then never order the required size of wallpaper online. Since many unwanted and unexpected changes might arise to disturb your imagined ideas about the look of the wallpaper; therefore, be prepared to lose a part or two of your favorite wallpaper. This is more likely that your peel and stick wallpaper will be there to fulfill the requirements of your house without disrupting the entire procedure.

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