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Best Plumbing Tips For Your Home Renovations To Make Life Easy

Are you thinking of renovating your home? Most renovation projects involve plumbing work. Also, plumbing can help add value to your home and get added value out of it. You are increasing the chances of a better sale if you invest in upgrading your plumbing.

The following are a few best plumbing tips for your home renovations to make life easy:

1. Choose a skilled plumber or reliable contractor

Not all plumbing contractors have professional plumbers as their staff. Usually, bigger companies like 5-Star Plumbing have qualified plumbers that can work on renovations. Meanwhile, some smaller agencies do not have professional plumbers, but still, claim that they can do the project while quoting it.

You may find cheap services, but don’t expect the best workmanship. Know what questions to ask before hiring a plumber for your home renovations. Such questions include policies and plumbing qualifications.

2. Get advice from a professional plumber

The aim here is to not have plumbing problems after the renovation. Seek advice from a professional plumber during the planning of your home renovation. This helps detect, prevent any plumbing problems and give a more accurate estimate of your renovation budget. Further, a qualified plumber has the best tools to do the project involving plumbing.

3. Know which walls have access to plumbing

This tip is crucial for renovations involving kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Moving a toilet or sink to a different wall or location is not an easy task. A reliable plumber will inform you if you need to install new plumbing or keep fixtures in an existing area.

If you intend to tear out a particular wall, you should know if that area has existing plumbing.

4. Understand your budget

When the budget for your renovation project isn’t controlled or monitored, your splurges such as rain shower, high-quality tile, or underfloor heating may have to be regulated. Focus first on the essential renovations. Then, you can purchase extravagantly once the renovation is moving along. This way, you are adjusting your budget for splurges and not on the renovation essentials.

5. Do basic research about plumbing

It is also important to do your research on the fixtures and various materials involving plumbing before purchasing. There are plenty of options available. Also, you should know the differences for energy and conservation, maintenance, and other features.

In the event that you are choosing pieces, you should first confirm that all fixtures and fittings are available when the renovation starts.

6. Other precautions

You must ensure that you have adequate materials that can handle moisture and avoid dust and dirt from spreading into your home.

  • Get adequate materials: Renovations also involve installing subflooring or repainting walls. Ensure that you have adequate materials that can handle moisture. For instance, bathrooms need better moisture resistant materials to lessen the risks of mold growth.
  • Protect openings: Home renovations causes dust and dirt. Secure your doorways and openings by putting up any sort of protection or covering. This prevents any dust and dirt from spreading to other areas in your home.


Before embarking your home renovation, remember these plumbing tips to make your life easier. Seek advice first from a professional plumber like Toronto Plumber. They can give you advice that can go a long way. Also, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your renovation will go smoothly.

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