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Top 8 Nootropics for Creativity

When considering the subject of nootropics, you have probably heard all about the wonders of the smart drug Modafinil. This is the latest wonder substance which allows you to improve concentration, focus, and mental ability, keeping you awake for around twelve hours and giving you a significant edge over competitors.

When it comes to creativity, however, Modafinil may not be your first choice. While it is ideal for focus, it’s not necessarily suitable for boosting the creative juices and engaging with your inner artist. The good news is that there are alternatives you can try. Luckily for you, many nootropics can increase creativity and boost artistic endeavor. You can also take a look at Nootropicology for authentic cognition enhancers. Here are the top choices to try!


It may seem a cliche favored by tortured, tragic writers, but the phrase ‘write drunk, edit sober’ definitely has a grounding in truth. Adding booze to the creative process can help get the inspiration flowing, removing your inhibitions and writer’s block and helping you get to the reality of what you are trying to say. The important thing here is to wait until you have sobered up before editing or submitting!

2.Mary Jane

Again, this comes across as a stereotype, but weed is renowned for enhancing creativity. It can help to open the subconscious, bringing ideas and thoughts to the surface which may be tricky to access while you are sober. There is a reason that artists, musicians, and writers have all counted weed as one of their mighty weapons.


We are always told about the importance of eating breakfast, maintaining a balanced diet, and eating regularly to help us focus. When it comes to unlocking your inner creativity, however, fasting could be the answer. The cognitive benefits of fasting are well documented, with many spiritual and religious followers using the technique to increase their divine experiences. Your mind becomes sharper and more precise, allowing the creativity to flow.


When you’re in a social situation without alcohol, this is the smart drug for you. It can reduce depression and anxiety, lower inhibitions, and stimulate creativity. It’s an ideal optionfor increasing confidence in social situations, as well as in the creation of your magnum opus.


When all else fails, it’s time to turn to that tried and tested drug: caffeine. It helps to keep you more awake, sharpening your senses and your ability to remain alert, and helping to jolt a boost of productivity into your work.


This is often offered as an alternative to Modafinil and has a number of the same benefits, including a heightened sense of alertness and productivity. Sulbutiamine was initially designed to combat chronic fatigue, and so is ideal for inducing wakefulness. It also offers more of a creative boost than Modafinil.


For a more natural option, make music your drug of choice. By finding a track which encompasses the mood and energy you seek, and playing it on repeat, you are inviting the rhythm in, and you will soon discover the energizing benefits of a track.


Again, this is similar to Modafinil but offers a less intense, focused experience. This allows you to balance creativity and productivity perfectly.