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5 Ways to be Cute in the Covid World

We may be in a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t look cute!

There has been a fair share of dark times during the Covid 19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t look cute while trying to survive it!

Our own personal style is a huge part of our personal identity. It is what gives us self confidence and showcases who we are to the rest of the world. And, research is showing that it is our own fashion style that is actually proven to boost our mood.

Even though the majority of us are having to spend our days social distancing, working from home, and just trying to get through the quarantine without losing our mind, there are a few things we can still do to feel great about ourselves—one of those being to look cute!

To help you feel great about yourself again even if you have no one to dress up for at the moment, we’ve put together five tips on how you can feel cute in this crazy covid world.

1. Get a routine for self-care

Just because you spend most of your time at home now doesn’t mean routine is any less important. Make time to take that shower, brush your hair, do your skincare routine and pick out a cute leisurely outfit. Putting in a little bit of effort into looking after yourself will make you feel great and there are some super cute athletic leisure outfits to wear.

2. Buy stylish face masks

We know, face masks suck. But you can still look cute while wearing them! A cute face mask will make the pandemic feel a little less scary and brighten up your day as well. You can get color coordinated masks to compliment your outfit for when you do step foot outside. Trust us, you will be amazed at how much fun you can have with a face mask and just how cute it will make you feel.

3. Paint your nails

While you may not be able to go get a mani/pedi at your local spa again just yet, you can get those nails done at home. Choose a happy color and brighten up your hands and feet with some super cute nail polish. Since you’ve got extra time you can even do some super cute designs too. Being stuck at home does have a few perks!

4. Rotate your closet

Make a challenge for yourself and try creating new outfits from your wardrobe every week. You will likely discover some clothes you had completely forgotten about and have fun creating some new looks as well. We promise that you will be amazed at the elevation of your personal style during this weird time in life.

5. Have a dress-up day every week

Even if you are confined into your home for work right now, promise yourself that you will still dress up at least once a week for a Zoom meeting. While we have all gotten used to our co-workers’ casual at home looks, you can really make a statement with your cute outfits when you show up for that call. Chances are you will also exude more confidence while feeling equally cute. Get ready for some great compliments from your co-workers as well.

Living through a pandemic is hard. But being cute during a pandemic is easy! From playing around with your wardrobe to painting your nails, getting cute face masks that match your outfit, and investing in some quality leisurewear you are going to get through this period of time and looking darn cute doing so!

What style trick will you choose first?