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Blackjack Rules – Learn How To Play Blackjack In 6 Easy Steps

Blackjack is a card game, which is pretty popular around the world. The card game is available both at land-based and online casinos. Even though it’s pretty easy to learn, it’s a bit tough to master. The game received a lot more spotlight due to well-known and famous movies, such as “Oceans 13” and “21”. If you are pretty eager to play this particular card game, you need to learn about the blackjack rules and how you play. To do so, please take a look at the information provided below.

Blackjack: Steps To Play

1. Step 1: The Objective Of The Card Game

The main objective of the blackjack game is to have a set of cards whose value will defeat the total value of the dealer’s card. These cards are scored through their predetermined value, except for the ace and face cards. All the face cards will be ten each, and the ace will be either eleven or one, but it will depend on what you, as the player, desire. Also, as a player, you will play against the dealer, not another player.

2. Step 2: The Terminology

In blackjack, there are some terms that you have to know if you wish to play the game. The terms are:

  • Hit: This is where the player will ask for another card from the dealer.
  • Split: If the player has two identical cards, they have the chance to play two hands.
  • Stand: When the player does not want another card from the dealer.
  • Push: When the player’s and the dealer’s hands are equal.
  • Bust: This is where the dealer or the player goes over 21.

3. Step 3: Important Items

Before you start playing this particular card game, you need to have several things beside you, such as:

  • Deck of cards that do not have jokers.
  • Different colored chips. Remember, additional colored chips will carry different values. For instance, Blue chips: $25, White chips: $1, and Red chips are: $5

4. Step 4: How To Play

The initial thing you should do is choose someone who will be the dealer. After that, allow the dealer to shuffle all the cards. Now, as a player, you have the chance to place your bets. But it will depend heavily on you if you think you can obtain a much higher total than the dealer without busting. If you believe you have the power to defeat the dealer, you must wager a lot more.

The dealer is required to dealer two cards to each of the players who are playing. Now, the dealer will provide all the players with the option of taking a “HIT” or another card. As a player, you are free to take more cards until you are pretty much satisfied and have decided to stand. Otherwise, you can keep taking cards until you are over 21 and then bust.

5. Step 5: Special Rules

Blackjack has some special rules applied towards a particular situation, and you must have a good understanding of them. To know what these rules are, check the information below.

  • Insurance: A wager is made when the player thinks that the dealer’s card is a blackjack. So, to make the best, the dealer must have an ace up card. When the dealer gets blackjack in the end, the player will receive a double of their insurance bet.
  • Splitting: Players will have the chance to split their cards and get to play two hands when the first two cards they get have the exact value. As the player, you have to provide an additional wager, similar to your actual card, and then move forward with a different hand. After that, the dealer will split up the cards and place an extra card for all the new hands.
  • Soft17: Some casino game odds incorporate a particular rule where the dealer has to hit on the Soft17. This will only happen when the dealer carries a six or an ace.
  • Double Down: You can easily go for the double down when you double up your initial wager. To do so, you have to agree to “stand” right after you obtain an extra card.

6. Step 6: The End Game

During the end game, when the players bust, they will lose all their cash. But if the player busts before it’s the dealer’s turn, the dealer will win automatically without calling for a hit. On the other hand, when the dealer bust, players who have not busted yet will receive an amount that will double up their real bet.

Now that you know about the ways to play the blackjack game, you are all set to place bets and win big time. Learning and understanding how to play this card game will also help you become professional easily.

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