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What are Sola Wood Flowers and Why Brides Love to Use Them?

When we have an invitation we don’t have any idea what we can get as a gift we just take Flowers, because we think that Flowers are the best gift we can ever choose. Flowers have their language they can express feelings, emotions, and many other things just by their colour and their smell. People are using flowers for centuries for different colour, shapes and forms. Women are using flowers to enhance their beauties and lovers are using flowers to express their love towards their partner. We can say that the use of flowers is still the same as it was in the 1980s.

As time changes, trends also change. People are now looking for something new and different. People also think to change the look of a flower by introducing silk flowers and other cotton flowers so that they can keep their house beautiful for a long time.

But now they also look old and out of fashion. Here wood flowers wedding are best to choose when you don’t want to get real flowers and you also don’t want to go with old silk flowers. These wooden flowers will keep things according to the trend and fashion.

Why people are attracted to wooden flowers?

Nowadays people are more inclined towards a wooden flower than real flowers because:

  1. Wooden flowers will not cause any type of infection or allergy. We know that some people are allergic to pollens or any other floral touch so these wooden flowers can save you from this disaster. Especially when it is about your wedding day you don’t want to ruin your day in sneezing and rashes. Just go with wooden flowers and stay away from these kinds of allergies.
  2. Brides nowadays choosing wooden flowers over other real and silk flowers because they want to look more classy and simple.
  3. These wooden flowers will not get dusty because they are not made up of cloth. You don’t have to. Wash them up after every six months. Just dusting and here you go, they are new again.
  4. Brides love wooden flowers because we use light and beautiful colours to dye these flowers. Some people don’t like red roses and extra white touch in their hands. They just want something different and light in their hands.
  5. You can reuse wooden Flowers after some time. They will stay the same even after 10 years. So, if you are bored with having the same floral decoration then you can change it according to your new ideas. Wooden Flowers will never get old.

How to make wooden Flowers?

Making all of these Flowers is not very difficult. You don’t have to stitch any silk cloth after cutting it petal by petal. Now the question is how to make wooden flowers? Just get some white sola wood, as we all know that it is so soft that you can shape it according to your mind.

These lovely blossoms made from wood can be left with no guarantees or painted with a mix of warm water blended in with acrylic or latex paint. You can aroma them by including one drop of basic oil to the back base of each blossom. Include comes from wire and botanical tape. Cut leaves from cardstock or adjusted from a silk stem. Make undertakings or straightforward blossoms in a jar or a lovely wedding bunch.

Sola wood blossoms are made of custard plant. Every individual sola bloom is carefully assembled. The regular shading is ivory, yet we hand-colour them in various hues

Reshaping of Sola Wood Flowers

You need is some warm water and a couple of moments of your time. To start with, dunk a sola wood blossom into a bowl of warm water sufficiently only to get it wet.

Once the sola wood blossom is wet, begin reshaping its petals, beginning all things considered. You will perceive how simple and fulfilling the entire procedure is. All things considered no bundle, focal point, or corsage on the planet that could look lovelier than the one that you made yourself!

You are going to cherish our custom assortment creation experience! We keep you tuned in and send you load of photographs en route. You pick your preferred roses, hues, fillers, bunch wrappings, and excellent accents to make the assortment you’ve been longing for.