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Top 5 Hollywood Leather Jacket Looks You Can Consider

Hollywood is no short of leather-clad heroes. Many of them are truly out of the world for common folks like us. But the wish to look and be cool like them never goes away.

This is why we have picked out 5 leather heroes whose style you can actually emulate buy picking up a professional leather jacket. Although you should keep in mind, it’s not just about the look but the persona that matters as well.

Let’s get started!

The Terminator jacket

The classic leather-clad action hero craze reached its peak when Arnold Schwarzenegger donned the biker look. Good thing is that this is a fairly common jacket and an extremely easy look to emulate. Simply pick up a biker jacket, wear it over black jeans, and style it up with black sunglasses and a shotgun! Or maybe skip that last part!

The Fight Club jacket

Brad Pitt is a god in human form, and his reddish-brown leather look in this movie has been immortalised in the realm of pop culture.

But when it comes to donning this look, it’s not always easy. Apart from getting the jacket itself, certain things you can try are spiky hairstyles, floral shirts, and big sunglasses. If you feel out of character, don’t worry, you are just being the centre of attention. Just don’t go around starting an underground anarchist boxing club!

The Indiana Jones jacket

Another classic look, the deep brown leather jacket always brings out the adventurer in men. If you are headed out on a long drive or a tour, such a jacket will be your perfect companion. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the hat you don’t have to wear one! You can style it up with a cap or a bandanna.

The Star-Lord jacket

Guardians of the Galaxy was a breath of fresh air in the realm of superhero films, and Star-Lord was easily the standout character. If you love trench coats then now is the perfect era to wear them. And a brown trench leather jacket usually does better than a black one.

Make sure you style it with either baggy jeans or cargo pants, and your favorite tee-shirt. The rest will be taken care of by your globe-trotting persona.

The Maverick jacket

Bomber jackets are the unsung heroes of the leather jackets realm, but these bad boys can stylise your look like no other. Pick one with big flannel colors, and wear it with heavy boots. Bomber jackets are truly masculine and will make sure your style statement is on point.

Obviously, these are not meant for the casual outing, and much like the movie, you can wear it to a party instead!

So, there you have it. 5 Hollywood heroes whose shoes you can step into with the help of a single fashion identifier, their iconic leather jackets. Now go out there and make your own adventure happen!

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