Monday, April 19, 2021

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Simple Tips to Make Moving Across Country Easier

Moving across the country is a big step. The United States of America is a massive country and changing from state to state can be equivalent to moving to a new country entirely. Such a big journey is stressful, and your belongings are at extreme risk during the moving process. To help you avoid the additional stress, and to simply make your move easier, follow these tips.

Declutter While You Pack

Unless you are intending to move again so soon after this move, there won’t be a better time to declutter than right now. You are already going through everything, and now you have the added consideration of effort to contemplate when packing. If it feels like too much effort to bring with you, then chances are it can go.

Use whatever method you want, put it to good use, and when you have a huge pile to dispose of remember to:

  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Donate

Anything that doesn’t fit these two categories will simply need to go, so you can dispose of it.

Be Smart About Packing

Try to keep packing items to each room. So, your bedroom should have a series of boxes whereas the kitchen has its own collection. It will make it so much easier to unpack when you can put each box in the room that it belongs in.

Another way to be smart about packing is to remember to disperse the weight. Someone, even if it’s not you, will need to bring these boxes across the country. By dispersing the weight (i.e. don’t put all of your books in one set of boxes) you can make it easier and safer to transport your items.

Finally, remember to write down what is inside each box and keep track of where everything is on your phone. You’ll need things when you reach your destination, and this way you will be able to find it easily.

Use a Comprehensive Vehicle Transport Service

Moving across country can be very difficult when shipping large items. Your cars, for example, cannot all be just driven across the country. If you have more than one or two you are going to run out of drivers, but more importantly, it can be very hard on vehicles to go across the country. Save your mileage, and instead hire a vehicle transport service that makes use of 6000 active carriers that have been carefully vetted and operate throughout the country. Your vehicle will be safe, insured, and get there quickly.

Make a Trip Out of Your Move

If you take a plane and your hired drivers take the road, it will be a few days at least before they arrive. Take that time to be tourists in your new home town. You and your whole family will feel more familiar with the space, have time to flush out the stress of packing, and of course, just have fun. You can feel good before the hectic rush of moving begins, so take advantage of it.

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