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Why You Should Consider Buying a Wet and Wavy Wig, Curly Wigs, and Throw on and Go Wig

Even though hair loss is not a life-threatening disease but it sure does affect the mental health of the person suffering from hair loss. The person experiencing hair loss might feel that with the loss of each hair strand they are losing their confidence too. I understand what you are going through and here is a solution that will make your life better and bring back the confidence you originally had before the hair loss. In a situation, like this wigs are your best companion not only they will bring back your confidence but will also make you feel and look more gorgeous than you are. In this article, I will tell you about three kinds of wigs in detail so you can easily decide which wigs will suit you the most. So continue reading.

Wet and wavy wig 

A wet and wavy wig is a special kind of wig that gives you two styles in one wig. Now you must be thinking it is not a big deal you can get more than two styles out of any wig. Here the main point is how easily you can change from one style to another in other types of wigs. In the case of wet and wavy wig, you only need one thing if you want to change your style. It is water mind-blowing right? With a wet and wavy wig, you can get the straight hairstyle when it is dry and if you want to get the wet and wavy look you just need to spray it with water and you are done. You are not able to change your hairstyle this easily with any other type of wig. For changing the hairstyle quickly this is the most convenient wig.

How to get the gorgeous wet and wavy look

If you want to get the gorgeous wet and wavy look you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1

You need to use a wide tooth hair brush to get rid of all the tangles and make the wig as smooth as possible.

Step 2

Now you use a spray bottle to make your hair wet with water. Wet, not damp. You will get the best result if the hair is dripping water.

Step 3 

Now your hair is completely wet to lock this moisture in you should apply a leave-in hair cream. This hair cream will lock the moisture.

Step 4

Now you should scrunch your hair by taking a section of your hair and squeezing it in fist. This will create the perfect wavy look you desire. 

Now if you want to go back to the straight look you just need to straighten the wet and wavy wig. 

Curly wigs 

Curly wigs are one of the most demanded wigs. The reason why these wigs are so much in demand is because of how convenient it is to get the perfect effortless curls with these curly wigs. These curly wigs are made from 100 % virgin human hair. The highest quality of lace is used to manufacture these wigs so that these wigs would have greater tear resistance than other types of wigs. 

With curly wigs made from real human hair, you can achieve the natural curly look. These wigs are a lifesaver for those people who don’t know how to get the perfect curly by themselves and do not want to visit the hair saloon and spend their hard-earned money so frequently. These wigs make your hair look denser and healthier than they are.

How to take care of curly wigs 

If you don’t know how to take care of curly wigs then here are some tips for you. If you follow these tips then your curly wig will last longer.

  1. Do not wash your curly wig too often. You should only wash it once or twice a week no more than that. You should wash it only when you feel it has dust and dirt in it.
  2. Use the same shampoo and conditioner you use for your real hair because these wigs are also made from real human hair. It is best if the shampoo is sulfate free.
  3. If you feel the curly wig is getting tangled then it is recommended to use a wide tooth hair brush to get rid of tangles.
  4. When you are not wearing the wig it is best if you store it on a wig stand this will keep the wig in shape.

Now if you want to buy the best quality curly wigs you should visit the luvmehair store as luvmehair has the best quality of curly wigs you can buy. These wigs are made from real human hair and have the highest quality of lace. 

Throw on and go wig

Throw on and go wig is exactly like its name throw this wig on your head and you are ready to go. This kind of wig is perfect for those people who are in a hurry or value their time so want a type of wig that needs very limited type for installing and styling. Throw on and go wig is designed exclusively by luvmehair keeping such people in mind. This wig is also very good for beginners as this wig is very easy to install. Throw on and go wig does not need any glue for installation. It is short in length and comes pre-styled so saves the wearer from the trouble of styling it by themselves. As mentioned this wig is exclusively designed by luvmehair so can be bought from their store only. You should trust the luvmehair store as they use the best quality of human hair and lace to manufacture their wigs.


Wet and wavy wig, curly wigs, and Throw on and go wigs all three wigs mentioned in this article have their benefits.  With wet and wavy wigs you can easily get two styles out of one wig. Curly wigs are specially made for those people who do not want to visit a hair salon to get gorgeous curly hair. Throw on and go wig is for beginners and people who want to save their time. Out of these three wigs which wig you should buy is up to you.