Monday, April 19, 2021

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5 Ways Digital Signage can Improve Your Restaurant

Business owners have the important and stressful job of not only keeping their company going, but to find ways to constantly improve their business. They need to constantly reinvent the wheel in order to stay ahead.

One way they can do this is leveraging technology like digital signage which has proven to have a positive impact on both branding and sales.

In the article below, I’ll go over five of the most important ways that digital menu boards can improve your restaurant and what that could mean for your business.

Easily Promote & Update Your Menus

One of the most important aspects of digital signage is how easy it is to update and change your content.

Most restaurants have specials and promos that change weekly and sometimes daily. Digital signage enables you to make these changes easily and instantly in order to maximize exposure.

By displaying an enticing image or video of their specials, you can easily influence customers in their purchasing decisions and increase your sales.

Attract foot traffic

Human beings are visual and will be attracted to flashy content. With digital menu boards you can help take advantage of this to increase your foot traffic.

By using window facing screens to promote your food, you can get potential customers to enter your businesses and increase your sales.

By putting pictures of your specials or main dishes right in front of passersby, you’re using their own biology to attract them to your dishes.

Reinforce your Brand

Just like every person is unique, so are businesses. And in the same way that your clothing and looks can bring out your personality, digital signage can showcase your restaurant’s distinct look.

The screens are the perfect accessory to branding in that your own creativeness can be expressed through it. This in turn allows a business to change the look and layout to best fit the characteristics it wants to portra.

More space means more content

One of the least utilized aspects of digital signage is the digital real estate.

This means you can have different content displaying at the same time e.g. entertainment, social media, the menu itses, promos via scrolling text and more.

This will maximize your messaging and make sure you’re displaying relevant content to your patrons.

Be careful though not to display too much content – you should display the most important message and surround it with complementary items that are relevant to your patrons e.g. weather, social media and news.

Social Sharing

In this new age of social media, people love sharing their stories and experiences. Your business can capitalize on this by displaying social media on your screens.

Examples of content include:

  • your own posts
  • posts by clients such as “Food Selfies”
  • reviews

This is content already displaying online, and you’re simply bringing it in-store to increase reach.

Digital signage is increasingly becoming a staple in many industries. With 60% of enterprises looking to adopt it within the next 2 years, now is the perfect time to make the most out of it and increase your restaurant’s business.

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