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Tips for Writing a Movie Review

If you need to explore and share your connection and the love of a specific film, the writing of a good review can help you get the opportunity to express your work, be it for a study project or pleasure. Some tips from My Paper Done can help you share the thoughts or opinions about a film you may have watched.

Steps in doing a movie review writing

  1. Watch the whole movie– when a writer wishes to write a sound-informed and good movie review, the writer should watch the movie from the beginning to the end to acquire the information that you need to write a thoughtful and thorough piece. Watch the film several times while taking notes on various features, like the theme, narrative arcs, cinematography, and the music. When you continually watch the movie, you may acquire new information that shapes your opinion that you will share with your readers in the review section.
  2. Begin with a hook– your introduction should contain a hook that will draw the reader’s attention and keep them glued to your review. The hook you write can point and a specific issue that makes your work different from the other reviewers’ work, a fact or controversial opinion about the movie.
  3. Write a general conclusion– write a summary that gives a broad-spectrum synopsis of a story and the main characters. Include the date of release, names of the main actors, the director’s name, and any relevant information on the film.
  4. Develop your opinions– a film reviewer must have a well-informed and enticing opinion regarding the movie they are discussing. Compare the movie to other films of the same type as you compare how the movie you are reviewing differs from the rest.
  5. Gauge the film– you should include the review material’s evaluation and explain if it presented the purpose, storyline, or theme to which it was intended as you recommend it to different viewers.
  6. Conclude- wrap up your main ideas cohesively and constructively. Some reviewers will indicate the movie with a passing grade, percentage score, or letter grade after the review.

Guidelines to write a movie review

  1. Write notes while watching the movie and note some essential elements you want to discuss. Writing notes may include music placement, lighting choice, thematic arcs, or performance.
  2. Explore more than the storyline– a reviewer needs to expound on the premises and tell more information about your opinion on the project. Unpack the themes in the film, film-making style, and character development and analyses.
  3. Avoid spoilers as much as possible– when reviewing a publication, you will avoid any material which spoils the reader’s plot of the movie. If a reviewer has to include vital turns and twists in their review, they should use vague language.
  4. Repeated watching is helpful– a reviewer needs to watch the movie as many times as possible to get all the elements to help them do their review. Pay careful attention to details that have been left out in your previous review. 


Before publishing your review, you will have to edit it to make the review clear, remove grammatical errors and make it flawless.

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