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How to Secure Your Construction Site?

Site security is one of the primary concerns in the construction industry. Each year, the industry loses roughly USD 1 billion in robbery and theft of essential equipment like wires, copper piping, and generators.

Sadly, only 25% of the equipment stolen from a construction site is actually recovered. With the right preparation and technologies like construction cameras, organizations can ensure that their equipment is safe.

Usually, equipment theft occurs because of demanding deadlines and insufficient security. Secure your construction site with these simple yet useful tips that will help keep your equipment away from prying eyes.

Create a Job Security Plan

Come up with a job site security plan before starting any project. This document consists of a written security policy that encourages awareness among all workers.

A security plan should also comprise of an updated inventory of assets. Establishing contact with neighboring properties and encouraging them to report suspicious activities will help as well.

A job site security plan should also emphasize factors like proper lighting. Surveys have indicated that the use of good light in large areas is an excellent deterrent for would-be thieves.

Have Construction Cameras Installed

Another excellent deterrent for a thief is high-quality construction cameras. These cameras are geared with live viewing capabilities that enable operators to watch the site from a distance.

Construction cameras are divided into two specific variations, including fixed-position and Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. Fixed-position cameras are a cost-effective option for small sites, while PTZ works best with large areas because of their optical zoom features.

Always consider your needs and budget before deciding on a construction camera. Either one can provide added security to your job site, thanks to its ability to concoct ultra-high definition videos, movies, and images.

Construction cameras also boast extensive custom time-lapsing features that are essential in getting an all-encompassing view of every shot. Best of all, construction site cameras work automatically round-the-clock to keep suspicious people away.

These cameras also let you watch or download HD video clips from the web to examine any incident. Besides its security benefits, construction cameras provide organizations with a marketing tool to update stakeholders and generate new clients.

Install Locks and Fences

Installing locks and fences may seem necessary, but most managers do not always use them to keep the site secure. Usually, managers see it as an added expense, but having no fences and locks makes you an easy target for vandalism and theft.

Put perimeter fences at the very least to keep out unwanted intruders. For the best results, having locks and fences around essential supplies, tools, and equipment can also provide an extra barrier between the unattended and most valuable assets on the site.

Choose electronic locks that have code access and keycard features to take your site security up a notch. Electronic locking devices limit access to people who need to be in the specific area of the job site.

Consider adding motion sensors to set off flashing lights and audible sirens when an intruder is around. Regardless of the job site, silent alarms are a good option since it can alert and dispatch authorities to the area and scare off thieves.