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Different Areas in Your Home Deserve Different Window Treatments

When we think of home improvement certain things are on the top of the mind yet others tend to be nowhere. Window treatments find themselves in the missed list. Windows can be as stunning as the other home décor components; you just need to have the basics right. So whether you’re confused between shutters and drapes and blinds or you’re not sure where to buy them from, or where to find accessories and hardware, here are some tips that will help you find the right window treatment for every room in your room.

At Shutters Empire, we take extra precaution taking into consideration insulation, privacy, style, lighting, resistance to humidity and more to find the perfect choice.

Living Room

You’ll host your visitors in living room and so window treatments in living room should show your style and comfortable for the guests also. Plantation Shutters Orlando add to aesthetics and also give great control over light and privacy. They have a timeless style that adds a historic touch to your living room.

Dining Room

You may be having a more formal dining room, or as an everyday family dining place. A window treatment that adds to the comfort and making it a more relaxing space – such a window treatment can be Roman Shades. Choose a fabric with prints and patterns as textured might give a heavy look.


If the window is above the sink area, a window treatment like vinyl shutters, faux wood blinds, honeycomb shades work great for such high moisture areas. Other than the sink, you can choose a window treatment that is versatile and looks stylish. Plantation shutters meet the kitchen requirements perfectly.


Your first priority while choosing the window treatment for this corner of the house should be privacy and light control to make it easy to relax. You can select double roller shade. The outer layer is light filtering while the inner layer offers light blocking, giving you a complete light and privacy control. You can think of dual roller shade as a compact package with benefits of two different window treatments.


Like kitchen and laundry rooms, bathroom is a high moisture area in your home. Honeycomb shades, faux wood blinds and vinyl shutters are a great option because they allow ample light in without compromising on your privacy.

Home Office/Study room

Too bright room or too dark, both do not work for home office or study room. Solar shades diffuse light so you achieve the right light and temperature in your room. Solar shades reduce the sun glare that may affect your work productivity.

Kids room

Kids room need special attention, add soft shades to make the space more colorful and add cheer. Motorized or cordless shades help you get ample natural light and also add to the safety.