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4 Things to Know Before Buying the Best Hot Water System

Whether it is used to heat the water in your bathroom, kitchen or for your laundry, the hot water system in your house is an important appliance and one that uses a significant amount of energy. Therefore, you must do some research to help you choose the most appropriate and efficient hot water system available. 

This article will look at 4 things you need to know before buying the best hot water system for your home. 

1. Types of hot water systems 

There are different types of water systems that you should consider when choosing the right one for your home. 


This system works by using electric heating elements inside the water tank to generate heat and warm up the water. Cold water enters the bottom of the tank, passing over the heating elements and then is released as hot water at the top of the tank. 

Heat pump

Instead of using electricity to generate heat, this system uses a fan to absorb heat from the air by compressing it into a vapour which increases its temperature and then only uses electricity to circulate the heat, making it more efficient than a fully electric system. 


Hot water systems are generally cheaper to run on gas as opposed to electric. Not only this but gas hot water systems are generally regarded as more energy efficient since they heat water faster and don’t need to run for as long as their electric counterparts. 


If you have the right property type and are located in the correct area for it, solar hot water systems are also an option to consider. 

2. Storage tank or instant water heater?

When choosing the right hot water system, it is important to consider the types of storage it uses to help you make your decision. 

Storage tank 

With this method, your water will be heated up and stored at the top of a water tank. When you turn on a hot tap, the tank will slowly empty of hot water via the top and be refilled with cold water at the bottom which will then need to be heated up again before use.

Instant water heater

With this system there will be no stored hot water, but instead, cold water will be heated up as soon as the hot tap is turned on.  

3. Consider running costs

Like with any appliance that you purchase; you should consider the running costs. These will vary depending on the type of hot water system that you install, the maintenance required, tank size and how many people live within your property and will be using hot water.  

4. Rebates and incentives

In some areas, there will be rebates and incentives available, so it is worth doing a little research in your local area to see if you are eligible or can benefit through any of these schemes.

Follow these top tips to ensure you make the right decision when choosing the most suitable hot water system for your home. If you still require guidance and information or you would just like a second opinion then a plumber can help you decide which hot water system is best for your property type, location, and lifestyle.