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What Qualities Are Required to Be a Professional Translator?

When contacting a translation company for essential documents translation, you should always keep in mind that the services they do offer are not the same, and some companies cannot deliver what you’re looking for. Professional translation service must offer the most outstanding quality and accuracy. Language diversity worldwide and precisely in the USA makes interpreters and translation experts in demand for all leading organizations, foundations, and companies to serve their customers. The need for translators nowadays is remarkably by the critical increase in the language services business.

We want to guide you and show you how to choose the best professional translation service efficiently and what you need from a written translation company to guarantee precision and high-quality.

Qualified Translators

Many people think that any translator can perform like any other translator. But the reality is that translation is a vast field that requires different skills and experience. It is always recommended to hire qualified translators and experienced ones. It is not a simple task but a professional one that needs a lot of knowledge, a different set of skills, and etc.

At MotaWord, our expert translators go through a unique process that ensures proficiency in medical, education, social services content, formatting, etc. Our qualified translators must have at least three years of written translation experience and require a vast understanding of grammar, cultural differences, terminology, and various idiomatic expressions.

Human Translation

Nothing will replace humans in the translation industry. Many companies offer machine translation and advertise it as equal or sometimes better than human translation, but it is not! Professional translation always needs someone who’s qualified, understands all the idioms, and can distinguish the cultural differences as professional translation services offer the most trustworthy interpretation for the topic and not just a literal translation (word by word). Many of our clients need highly specialized translation, such as medical translation and legal translation. We focus on providing the highest accuracy level, with 100% human translation services done by our expert translators.

Quality Control for Translation Projects

It would be best to look for a translation company that ensures a unique control process after every translation to guarantee that the document is accurate and empty of grammatical mistakes and the technical terms are translated accurately.

We offer multiple levels of proofreading and editing. We assign translation projects to specific translators based on their expertise and acquaintance with the subject. Then we move to another level where our experts will proofread and edit it if needed to provide a high level of accuracy that our clients require.

Timely and Efficient Translation Services

Delivery time for professional translation service is fixed by various factors such as document size, content, and particular formatting needs. It’s recommended to ask when your document will be translated before approving. Many companies take a lot of translation works that would make their deliveries much late. MotaWord assures convenient and suitable written translation deadlines according to specific criteria stated with our company’s project approval.  

MotaWord has been providing professional translation services for many years. If you need professional translation services, MotaWord can help! Our qualified team is experienced and available. Contact us if you have any inquiries or to request a free quote for your project.