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Denim Outfit Ideas for Spring 2018

Denim is the ultimate expression of a fun personality. Giving off an ultra-cool vibe, denim has the power to ground any outfit. This humble fabric has stood the test of time, staying strong ever since the 50s. Before then, it was a work wear staple. Denim is extremely versatile and has found its way into our wardrobe in many forms, from the ubiquitous jeans to the functional denim dress. The perfect pieces for the season, there are many denim outfit ideas you can sport during spring 2018.

Many people have the notion that denim only comes in the color blue, but it’s actually available in many colors and types. Some popular kinds of denim are ripped, oversized, cropped, and acid washed, tailored, etc. Both fashionable and utilitarian, denim is the ideal way to polish flirty outfits. Check out our top denim outfit ideas that are fabulous to wear this spring.

1. Denim on denim:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flaunt a cute denim on denim look. Pair a white tee and dark blue jeans with a matching dark blue denim jacket. Alternatively, for a smart casual look, pair white denim jacket and jeans with an off-white top. Round it off with the classic all-white chucks.

2. Denim Skirt:

There is no better time to wear a denim skirt than in the spring. Pair an asymmetrical denim skirt with a top that sports a stylish cut. As the asymmetrical denim skirt commands attention, keep the color of the top neutral, like beige, cream, or white. For a casual or informal setting, pair this outfit with platform sandals. For the office, add a pair of peep-toe platform shoes. The best part about this outfit is that you can go straight from an official setting to a casual evening setting without having to change.

3. Denim Dress:

Denim outfit ideas can never be complete without the addition of the denim dress. Denim dresses are all the rage this year. A polished denim dress looks sophisticated enough for the office, but stylish enough for a fun evening. Go for a dark color without any rips or fade. However, if you have room to experiment, you could wear denim dresses in bright colors to reflect the cheery season. Polish this fun outfit with a pair of colorful pumps.

4. Florals:

Now that the denim jacket is fashionable again, pair it with a cute floral dress for a casual look. For a smart look, pair together a flirty floral romper with a long denim jacket. For a professional look, wear a floral skirt with a simple top and a tailored denim jacket. The denim cuts through the bold floral print and brings definition to the look.

5. Denim for Formals:

Denim for Formals
Often seen as a casual piece of clothing, wearing denim to the workplace can be tricky. However, rules are meant to be broken! Play it up by pairing a striped monochrome dress and a long fitted dark blue denim jacket. The denim gives a good balance to the striking striped dress, toning the contrast down while making the attire look professional.

Another great formal denim outfit is wearing a blouse and cigarette pants with a denim jacket suit. If you want to wear denim to the office, double breasted jacket suits offer a professional look that won’t break any HR rules. Keep the footwear professional by wearing black pumps or loafers.

6. Denim Cape:

While fairly new, a denim cape offers an element of fun and flirtatiousness to a look. Since the denim cape will be oversized, pair it with a simple tank top and skinny jeans. You could also pair a denim cape with a simple tee and black skinnies. If you wear the denim cape with jeans, keep them color-coordinated. If you want to wear different colored denim, then go for a cropped denim cape and wear a stylish fitted top that goes well with the two colors.

7. Denim Overalls:

Denim overalls are a flirty springtime favorite with a cute and carefree vibe. Amplify that cuteness with a fun striped t-shirt and short denim overalls. Pair it with sneakers that embody the cheer of spring.

8. Crop tops:

Crop tops
Layering clothes is a great way to have some fun. Mix it up with a playful crop top, skinnies, and an oversized denim jacket paired with casual slip-ons or shoes. Another great outfit idea is a lace crop top, ripped denim skirt, and a bright tailored blazer. It’s a good idea to pair crop tops with something that gives a pop of color. The bright color contrasts well with the denim to give a balanced look that is super fun.

9. Neon:

Spring is a great season to wear outfits that are bright and colorful. Infuse pops of color into your outfits easily by incorporating neon. The easiest way is to wear a white tee, acid washed jeans, and a loose cardigan that is bright. Another casual outfit with neon is a flirty romper, fitted denim jacket, and colorful shoes.

For a semi-formal outfit, pair a simple floral dress and a bright blazer. You can also pair a floral pencil skirt with a light denim top and a colorful jacket. The neon and denim cuts through the floral, adding a flirty dimension to the outfit. Pair it with heels or platform sandals.

10. Lace Dress:

A lace dresses are an ultra-feminine outfit choice that can be worn for just about any occasion. Ground a beautiful lace dress with a cropped denim jacket. Especially if your lace dress is short, the cropped denim jacket plays with proportion to give the illusion of length to the outfit. Pair it with heels to polish the look.

Adding unique depth to any outfit, denim can give a tired look a refresh for spring. Very flexible and adaptable, denim can be worn and styled in multiple ways to suit any look, mood, or occasion. With a little bit of creativity and flair, personalize denim to your style and flaunt your love of denim this spring season. For the best stock of wholesale tops that pair well with denim, check out Lush Clothing for all your merchandise needs this spring.