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Beyond the Veil! 5 Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessories for Your Big Day

Oh yes, the big day is approaching and you’re all fussing about hundreds of things that need organizing, including your wedding dress and those of the bridesmaids, not to mention the shoes. You have a hair appointment booked in advance, but have you given any thought to bridal hair accessories?

Shortly after you are married, you’ll want to remove that veil. Our guess is that you will feel a little bare without it. Why not adorn your beautiful hair with a memorable accessory that accentuates your beauty on this special occasion?

1. Gilded Floral Barrettes

If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, floral barrettes in gold give a subtle elegance to these pretty devices designed to keep your hair in place. Depending on your type of hair and its length, consider one, two, or even three as the possible number.

For the traditionalists among you, gold is a symbol of prosperity, and it is a fitting touch, especially if the pieces are designed especially for you, eating your favorite flower.

2. Strings of Pearls

Women with dark hair look particularly stunning adorned with pearls. They can either be worn as a headband or woven into a loose bohemian braid. Pearls set off dresses with lace sleeves very well.

That said, strings of pearls artfully gathered about your head can also add a touch of softness to the bold-cut plain-fabric tailored look in a dress that accentuates the bodice.

3. Braided Headband

A braided white headband with corresponding stylish hints of a similar pattern in your veil can be an ultra-snazzy choice for women with intricately braided hair. In this case, the hairband is purely decorative, and not functional.

While your relatives and friends will be focusing on the best hats for women to wear to the occasion, as the bride, you are free to celebrate with a simple, pretty adornment and draws attention to your crowning glory.

4. Bows as Bridal Hair Accessories

Women with long hair often like to wear their hair up in a bun on their special day. Setting the bun off with a costume jewelry bow that matches your earrings is a beautiful finishing touch. It gives a hint of the vintage look that a traditional ceremony deserves.

If you’re really splashing out, a crystal clasp, also bow-shaped is definitely something to consider!

5. Natural Flowers

Perhaps you have a talented relative who can make a garland of flowers or a posy for your hair? Natural flowers can be affixed to your favorite Alice band, and festooned with fine ribbon or elements that complement your veil. Fresh flowers in your hair that match your bouquet will give you an all-around look of perfect purity.

Let the Sun Shine In

A beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day enhanced by bridal hair accessories will help to dispel any last-minute nerves you might have. Your confidence in knowing you look stunning from top to toe will make you look more radiant than ever. And that is precisely the look that you want.

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