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Best Sunglasses for the Modern Man

Fashions come, and fashions go but our love affair with shades, in all shapes and sizes, shows no sign of dying. In fact, there may soon come a time when no self-respecting gent will set foot outdoors without a pair of shades, just like a hundred years ago when no man would be seen outside without a hat.

Sunglasses make us feel stylish, but they also make us feel secure, observing the world but an enigma to others. There are of course very good health reasons why wearing mens designer sunglasses is a good idea; those UV rays are dangerous, and in the winter, when the sun is low, they can shine right into your eye. So, your favourite accessory actually turns out to be good for you. Let’s be honest though, none of us wear sunglasses for health reasons, we wear them to look cool. Here then are three luxury brands to covet.

Tom Ford Magnus

Super stylish over-sized, double bridge sunglasses from fashion designer, film director, producer and screenwriter Tom Ford. With that pedigree, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Tom Ford sunglasses have been James Bond’s sunglasses of choice in the last three Bond films. Exposure, which without a doubt, has made them much more recognisably cool.

Ray Ban Aviators

If you were sending an example of sunglasses into outer space for aliens to find, these are the sunglasses you’d send. They are undeniably the most recognisable and iconic shades on the planet. Developed for US Aviators in 1937 they are the sunglasses of the stars, from Brando in The Wild One, through Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Elvis in Vegas to Tom Cruise in Top Gun and beyond. I can’t ever imagine them going out of fashion. Aviators are even available with prescription lenses, so if you don’t have a pair, then you need to ask yourself ‘Why?’.

Taylor Morris Zero

Suitable for both men and women, but don’t let that put you off, they are unquestionably beautiful glasses. These retro round sunglasses have a base O platinum mirror flat lens with anti-reflective coating. The frame is Italian handmade brown tortoiseshell acetate, injected with blue flecks. The combination pair feature 18k antique blackened gold metalwork with titanium nose pads. Described by Taylor Morris as ‘fearless, bold and powerful…A design for those who are found on the dance floor but also in the design studio. Our intention was a frame that could be worn thirty years ago, worn today, and worn in thirty years’ time.’ Taylor Morris are clearly positioning these in Aviator territory, retro and timeless, and they have done a pretty good job. If round, flat lenses are your thing then you’ll love these very stylish luxury sunglasses. Taylor Morris cite John Lennon’s round glasses and Sylvester Stallone’s specs in Demolition Man as influences and what they have achieved is an impressive and slightly eccentric reinvention of a classic look. Not for everyone, but these sunglasses will certainly get you noticed.