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Engagement Photography: Sydney’s 6 Top Spots To Have A Magical Engagement

Amidst all the wedding preparations that can be challenging, the only thing keeping you positive are the thoughts of happy days with your to-be-spouse after the wedding. The thoughts of the honeymoon and every other activity as a couple can be calming as well as spending some quality time with each other. That being said, what are your plans for the engagement shoot? Since engagement shoots are a great time to leave the wedding chaos behind and indulge in photographing your love, pick a location which tells the tale beautifully. With that thought, here is a list of 7 sites in Australia which can make the perfect pick for you.

1. Observatory Hill Park, Sydney

What makes Observatory Hill a fabulous location for your engagement shoot is the oh-so-beautiful view. The place is laced with natural beauty all around it which adds a magical touch to the photo shoot. Also, Observatory Hill Park is a renowned spot for people troubled with the hectic city life, so the environment will keep you calm and relaxed throughout the shoot.

2. Sydney Opera House

Do we even need to elaborate on why this a fantastic spot for your engagement shoot? The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in Sydney which has been the hub for lovebirds who want to add a unique touch to their photo shoot. Whether you are standing right in front of the building or you are getting your shots from across the bridge, The Opera House makes for a spectacular backdrop which will keep the pictures fresh and alive for decades to come.

3. The Beach

Beaches are a hot favourite when it comes to pre-wedding shoots, and if you are a beach fanatic too, then the beaches in Sydney are beautiful and are the perfect spot for you. Whether it’s wide-angled shots or classic couple portraits, the wedding photography experts in Sydney would agree that beaches offer everything that you need for a lit-up photography session. For vibrant shots, get yourself photographed in front of the Brighton boxes while the rest of the shoot is covered in front of the sea.

4. Centennial Park, Sydney

If your engagement shoot has a keep it light and sweet theme, then Centennial Park in Sydney grabs attention. The experts of wedding photography in Sydney highly recommend this gorgeous setting where luscious gardens, grasslands and ponds help you get stunning shots with minimal background efforts. Fix appropriate timings so you could make the most of the gorgeous surrounding with adequate natural light.

5. The Blue Mountains, Sydney

For your Mountaineer spirit, here is a fabulous location which yells beauty in its truest sense. The Blue Mountains in Sydney is a gorgeous mountain range an hour away from the central city which offers breathtaking views. This location is highly recommended for an adventure-packed couple who can easily gel in with the phrase “the climb is hard, but the view is great.”

6. Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

The last location on our list is another beauty from Sydney known as the Royal Botanic Garden. With heart-throbbing music and light arrangements in the garden, make the most of the uber natural and manufactured setting for a gorgeous engagement shoot. From portraits to headshots in Sydney, Royal Botanic Garden can be many things, but disappointment won’t be one of them.

Get shooting with these stunning locations and make your engagement shoot one-of-a-kind. Also, don’t forget to mention that you finally picked with the help of this guide.