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5 Tips for Living Room Décor

Your living room is one of your home’s largest rooms and the first place people see when they enter. It’s a tricky room to decorate. Living room decoration requires harmony and balance between all the physical objects, including art and furniture, and vital structural features such as windows and doors. Consider your style, likes, preferences, and decor trends when decorating your living room. It should reflect your unique personality. Below are five tips for living room décor.

Pick the right furniture

Your living room is your home’s multi-functional room. It serves as a relaxation spot and a place where you can receive guests, hold small ceremonies, and sometimes a game room. Look for comfortable, affordable, and stylish furniture to add life to your living space. If you’re looking for an overall look for your living room, combine mid-century designs, older pieces, and contemporary furniture because they work well together.

You may also choose to go modern. When selecting upholstered pieces, think of an armchair and sofa configuration that best resonates with your space. Consider adding upholstered table stools by Plushy or any other furniture company and seek expert advice selecting your living room furniture filling.

Pick a focal point

Focal points anchor your décor while creating a natural and beautiful flow. A focal point is vital because it’s where people’s attention falls when they first walk in. Upon choosing your living room’s focal point, decorate around it to create a cohesive feel. To create a focal point, you can use an accent wall, create a gallery wall or use a large artwork piece, a large piece of furniture, a beautiful view, or an architectural element, including a fireplace, built-in shelving, a vast bank of windows, or an exposed brick wall.

Paint a neutral color

While your living room’s paint color choice should depend on your preferences, sticking to neutral colors like gray and sage can be an excellent idea because they bring a comfortable, relaxing feel to your space. Neutral colors ensure that your living room doesn’t seem over the top and leaves a lot of room to add personality to the area with accents and art. When choosing paint colors, consider color theory and the visual inspiration you’ve collected for the decoration project.

Focus on your lighting

Getting the proper living room lighting while ensuring it’s well-lit can be challenging. You can add layered lighting to illuminate every corner of your home while creating a balanced, pleasant atmosphere. It may include a combination of accent, task, and ambient lighting, including wall sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps, candlelight, table lamps, and recessed lighting for various purposes and atmospheres. Consider living room lighting inspiration like oversize statement lighting, Moroccan lantern, wall light doubling as art, colorful light, built-in light, highlighting existing architecture, sculptural lamps, and more.

Use area rugs

Rugs are a great way to add texture and color to your living room. They create warmth and add a decorative touch. A rug anchors a room, defines it, adds warmth, and layer’s your living room’s décor. When choosing living room area rugs, consider the size, color and pattern, material and texture, and layer your rugs to add interest.


Decorating your living room can be fun and exciting but tricky too. However, with good living room décor ideas, you can do it. Use these tips for living room décor.