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4 Luxury Cars to Look Forward to in 2019

2019 is going to be a massive year for luxury cars: BMW has resurrected its 8 series coupe; Jaguar has released its first fully electric vehicle; Audi is introducing a new luxury SUV the Q8; and Mercedes-Benz has added two extra doors to its AMG GT.

With the introduction of these new models, and many more, there is no better time than the present to ditch your old clunker and get behind the wheel of a car that will turn some heads. Take a look at the four most anticipated luxury cars coming out this year, and, as for where to find the hottest cars on the market, check this out – it’s easier than ever to drive a luxury car and also look the smash repairs which is a very popular all over the Australia. If you are technology loved person then you will definitely love to have something unique and very helpful while driving. The kenwood dmx7706s can be a perfect option for you. To more about it read kenwood dmx7706s review.

Audi Q8

The Q8 supplanted the Q7 as Audi’s premier SUV. With an MSRP between $66,000-$73,563, the Q8 will be propelled by a supercharged 3.0 liter V6 mated to an 8 speed automatic. The Q8 promises 335 ponies and 17/22 mpg and features an instrument panel that can be easily personalized. Selectable driving mode control adjusts the ride height for on or off-road driving, making this car both a singular vision and a customizable utility vehicle.

BMW M850i xDrive Coupe

The driving wheels on the $122,395 M850i are turned by a 4.4-liter double turbocharger V8 bolted to an 8-speed auto shifter. In 3.6 seconds the engine’s 523 horses take the M850i from motionless to 60. Gas mileage is rated at 18/25 mpg. This Beemer comes with the xDrive system, and the seats are covered with Marino leather. And just in case you weren’t sold on the fact that this is a modern luxury car – self-parking is also an option.

Jaguar iPace

You may find your dream car this year in the first 100% battery powered Jaguar. The iPace’s dual electric motors turn out 395 hp. Stats found at Forbes Magazine put the distance between charges at 240 miles. The $69,500-$86,895 sticker price includes an artificial intelligence system, as well; once the AI learns what the driver likes, it automatically sets radio stations, cabin temperature, and the position of the driver’s seat.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Four-Door Coupe

Engine options for this model include a 3.0 liter inline 6 rated at 429 hp and a 577 hp 4.0-liter eight-cylinder that produces an extra 53 horses with optional bi-turbo charger. The base GT 43 starts at $137,495. The top of the line Panamera GTS will sell for $159,995. Creature comforts include the Energizing Comfort Function that is programmed to refresh and relax the driver. Fuel ratings are not yet available for the AMG GT.

Wish you could drive all the new models? Join a car subscription service and you might be able to drive them all. As explained, a subscription plan is a fantastic alternative to buying or leasing a car. One of the advantages of subscriptions is that you can change vehicles almost immediately based on need or a whim. You pay a monthly fee that covers the use of the vehicle, and the subscription payment may also cover insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. There is no better time than the present to start driving one of these four amazing luxury cars.