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Does Finishing A Basement Add Value?

Unfinished basements, although common, are simply unrealized opportunities for square footage. Increased square footage can directly increase a home’s value, so of all home improvement updates to make – this one seems like the best financial move.

Finishing your basement or attic can mean creating a flex space, an entertainment room, or even an in-law suite—but is it worth it to finish your basement right before you sell? In most cases, yes. Many basements and attics were originally left unfinished because, due to building codes, even if finished, the space would not count toward “livable” space, and therefore a listing’s square footage. That said, a finished basement or attic will certainly affect both your home’s appraisal and fair market values.  

So it’s worth the investment, but what’s the project cost? Below you’ll find average price ranges for repairs & touch-ups, refreshes, and remodels for basements and attics. Prices vary by square footage and location and are all-inclusive:

  • Basement remodels & finishes typically cost around $15,000
  • Basement refreshes typically run less than half: $6,300

For more information on what a refresh and a remodel entail, check out our project descriptions and some of our recent work

If you’re thinking about selling and want to maximize profit from your home sale, you can talk with a home improvement consultant about a basement update today. Curbio offers completely end-to-end service, so the only thing you need to worry about is selling faster, for more.