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How to Clean Dirty Zones in Your Home

On their hands, most people have more than 3,000 bacteria. Touching various surfaces in your house and public locations might spread many of these bacteria and other pathogens. They are sometimes referred to as high touchpoint areas. It’s crucial to learn how to properly clean high touchpoints if you want to keep yourself away from harmful bacteria. If you would like to know more about touchpoint cleaning in Encinitas, typical home touchpoints, and other topics, keep reading this manual!

Door Knobs

The doorknobs and door handle in your home are among the most frequently touched surfaces. These are widely utilized, whether you are entering and exiting various rooms in your house or if you are having visitors.

Cabinet hardware can harbor germs in a similar way as standard door handles. You must frequently clean your door knobs to keep your home, especially in a public area, free of illness.

Make sure to keep your doorknobs clean every day!

Switches for the lights

Another high touchpoint area in every home is the switch for the lights. Due to their frequent use, light switches are among the dirtiest items you will come into contact with on a daily basis.

You will come in contact with many bacteria every time you turn on or off a light.

You should clean your light switches at least once a day to ward off infections and ensure that bacteria aren’t transferred to other areas of your house.

Kitchen Countertops

Appliances and kitchen work surfaces are other frequently utilized and high touchpoint areas in your home.

It can be simple to transfer bacteria from your kitchen counter to other parts of your house when you cook food, especially raw food. You should be sure to frequently clean any work surfaces and gadgets in your kitchen because here is where you prepare and consume food.

Tables, countertops, stove knobs, appliance handles, and other items fall under this category. Take care to clean these areas at least once a week with non-toxic chemicals.

Bathroom Surfaces

Your bathroom has a lot of surfaces that can harbor bacteria. According to a UK study, flushing the toilet without shutting the lid can distribute thousands of aerosol particles containing bacteria and viruses.

These have a six-foot range of spreadability. This means that your counters, towels, sink faucet, and handles could all have microorganisms from feces, urine, vomit, and other sources.

You should clean these surfaces in your bathroom at least once a week to keep them tidy.

Bathroom Handle

Never overlook cleaning the toilet handle—one it’s of the most crucial household cleaning recommendations. It’s simple to miss, but your bathroom sink area could be one of the dirtiest places.

You could be distributing feces and pee particles to the toilet handle if you flush the toilet before washing your hands.

These viruses could become even more problematic if you live with others. Once per day, clean the toilet and the toilet handle.

Keyboards and other gadgets

Computer and laptop keyboards can be getting dirtier as more people work from home. The buttons on phones, remote controls, and other devices are analogous touchpoints as well.

It’s simple for dirt, food scraps, and other detritus to collect on buttons. Make sure to perform deep cleaning these at least once every two to three weeks.

Electronics & Telephones

Electronics like smartphones are prone to quickly accumulating filth, bacteria, and other contaminants. From the kitchen to the bathroom and elsewhere, people use their phones.

It is crucial that you clean your phone at least once a day as a result. Make sure your device is off before you start cleaning. After that, use compressed air to clear away any debris or crumbs.

Finally, you can clean the screen with disinfectant wipes or rubbing alcohol. By doing this, you’ll avoid contaminating other areas of your house with harmful bacteria.

Cleaning Touchpoints

It is essential to clean the sections of your home that are frequently visited in order to ensure its security and your health.

You can reduce the risk of disease and other health issues by cleaning high touchpoint areas on a daily basis. Even if you are not concerned about spreading any diseases, it is still a good habit to adhere to.

Utilizing a disinfectant is among the simplest approaches to guarantee that each of the touchpoints on the list is clean. By doing this, you may be certain that all bacteria and germs that could cause health issues have been eliminated.

You can also use soapy water or hand sanitizer if you don’t want to purchase a specific cleaning solution.

To clean hard surfaces if you don’t want to invest in specialized cleaning supplies, you can also use soapy water or hand sanitizer.

You should exercise greater caution when cleaning other items, such as your phone, gadgets, and different sorts of technology. You can clean items like your remote control, keyboard, and gadgets with rubbing alcohol!

To clean around keys, buttons, and other objects, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. You won’t need to be concerned about any water damage to your devices because rubbing alcohol dries so quickly!

It would be preferable to use a professional house cleaning in Los Angeles if you want to make sure that your home is fully cleaned and disinfected. They are familiar with the parts of your house that will get the dirtiest and have the supplies and tools necessary to give them a deep cleaning.

(Conclusion) Hire Someone to Help You Maintain Cleanliness in Your Home

Bacteria and germs thrive in homes where they come into contact. These can include anything from light switches to door handles, electronics, and more. You may keep yourself and your family healthy by routinely deep-cleaning these touchpoints during flu season.

If following these recommendations seems daunting, you can consider hiring a nearby home cleaning service to assist you to sanitize your home’s high touchpoint cleaning in Encinitas. Maggy Maids cleaning service can assist if you’re seeking a home cleaning service!


What rooms of the house require cleaning and sanitization?

What surfaces and items do I need to disinfect and clean? You should routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects to stop the spread of infection. Toys, light switches, faucets and toilet handles, countertops, doorknobs, and other items in your home are examples of this.

What room is the most difficult to clean?

It’s no secret that a toilet is the dirtiest and trickiest location to clean. Even after a thorough cleaning, there will always be a lot of dangerous bacteria in the bathroom and toilet. Therefore, how frequently you clean this room will have a significant impact on the family’s health and hygiene.