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Pro Athlete Tattoos That Will Stun You

Athletes are always looking for ways to bolster their public image and get the media to write about them. From wild outfits, exotic vehicles, and elaborate stunts, we have seen a lot of hijinks from the world of professional athletes. Some players take this mindset to the next level and permanently change themselves with detailed and oftentimes head-scratching ink tributes on their body. Here is a list of some of the wildest tattoos we’ve seen from the sporting world in recent years.

Kevin Durant

The NBA superstar Kevin Durant is always talked about for one reason or another. Fans love his dynamic playmaking abilities, sports bettors are constantly discussing his matchups in the NBA betting tips, and the media can’t help but take notice of his entertaining behavior off the court. As far as bold tattoos go, Durant certainly has one that demands attention.

Of all his tattoos, Durant is possibly most well known for his large Tupac Shakur tattoo that he has on his lower calf. This is clearly visible for everyone to see, and is a tribute to one of his favorite musicians of all time. Another favorite, Rick James, adorns his upper thigh on the same leg. Both of these are picture-perfect resemblances of their real-world counterparts. 

Brock Lesnar 

Lesnar on the other hand has a tattoo that perfectly matches his fearsome persona. As a dynamic and threatening MMA fighter, Lesnar would not look right with a tattoo of his mother’s name in a heart. Instead, he opted to get a massive broadsword tattoo that travels the entire length of his hefty torso from his stomach all the way up to his throat. For a man that has dedicated his life to combat, this is the ideal art. 

Wilson Chandler 

The 2019-2020 NBA season may have been the last years in American professional basketball for the forward Chandler, but his reputation, and memories of his exotic ink, live on. Chandler has quite a few eye-catching pieces, but his most remarkable has to be his massive back piece. He has the full body of the X-Men character Juggernaut on his back, with the word “UNSTOPPABLE” above it in thick font. This clearly is how Chandler sees himself, and this mentality served him well as he played more than a decade of aggressive basketball. 

Brent Burns

Sticking with fantasy but getting away from aggressive styles, Burns has a colorful tattoo that is the envy of nerds everywhere. The ice hockey goalie for the San Jose Sharks is reportedly a massive fan of the Harry Potter universe. So much so that he dedicated his entire back to one huge and detailed tattoo that features the wizard school Hogwarts, a ferocious blue dragon, and of course, the young wizard Harry himself. Would this tattoo fit in our list of 50 best back tattoos and inspirations? Well, it certainly demonstrates passion and dedication to one of the most beloved book series in history.  

Kevin Lee

In one of the most recent additions to this list, current UFC fighter Kevin Lee has certainly captured some attention for his new ink. This athlete who is known for his wild fights and warrior mentality, decided to cover the entire back of his head in what he describes as a Japanese samurai helmet. The tattoo stretches from the base of his neck to the top of his skull and was presumably very painful to get. However, the finished product is certainly stunning and was clearly done by a very talented artist. 

Mike Tyson

No list of this caliber could be considered complete without a nod to possibly one of the most famous tattoos in history. Of course, we are talking about the tribal band that Tyson has on his face, encircling his eye. Only a man of Tyson’s ferocious nature could pull off a tattoo like this. While no one is quite sure why he got it, after all this time it’s almost impossible to imagine Tyson without it. Somehow it really fits his image, and it certainly does not sound like he regrets it at all.