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Perfect Smile with Dental Veneers

According to recent polls, the first thing most people notice in a person is a smile; this answer remains the same for both genders. A smile of a person tells a lot about the person and creates the first impression. Although a good and charismatic smile seems like it is just related to healthy teeth, there is actually more than that.

There are many factors effective on a good smile; teeth should be in ideal color, shape, size, prominence, evenness… It may seem hard to achieve but with the cutting-edge dental technology and revolutionary dental techniques, a perfect smile is more than possible today.

Smile design treatments have become popular with the increasing importance of the overall appearance of a person in professional and social life. Although there are many dental appliances used in smile designs, the most popular material for the treatment is veneers.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are shell-like, thin materials covering on the front surface of the tooth; veneers are suitable for those who have an overall good dental health and would like to improve the appearance of their stained or deformed teeth.

Veneers can be made of in different materials like ceramic, porcelain or resin composite; materials are effective on overall dental veneers cost. Veneers are offered in various colors to meet the expectations and needs of patients.

The planning process of smile design with veneers is very significant; smile design should be custom-made. In an initial consultation made with the dentist is essential for details like the number of teeth to be treated or color of the veneers. With a well-planned treatment, veneers are very successful on achieving impressive smiles.

The details of the procedure

The first step of the smile design with veneers is the molding; the dentist shaves off the teeth very minimally to prepare them for the veneers and to avoid an unwanted thick appearance after the treatment. The mold of your teeth after this preparation is sent to the lab.

The production of the custom-made veneers can take a few days; when they are ready in the second visit, with the desired size, shape and color for the patient, they are attached to the front surface of the teeth with a cement.

After the procedure

After having dental veneers, it is natural to feel sensitive and mild pain for a short time; patients are advised to avoid too hot or too cold beverages during the first a few days. These small side effects will disappear within a few days and leave you with your new charismatic smile.

Veneers are very strong, durable and natural which can satisfy patients in terms of aesthetic and function; however just like the original teeth, they require adequate care and attention to remain as attractive as they are first attached. 

Cost of the treatment

Dental veneers cost may change depending on the selected material, number of the veneers, experience of the dentist or other included services in the package price. Turkey is a highly preferred destination for smile design treatments with all-inclusive treatment packages and the cheapest prices. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Clinic Mono for further information on dental veneers Turkey.