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Mazda Crossover SUVs are Perfect for Winter Roads in Canada

We are fortunate to live in Canada for many reasons, but surely everyone agrees we can do without winter roads! It gets darker sooner in winter, and roads may become slick very suddenly on top of the low visibility. 

People used to put chains on their tires to adjust for the seasons! Today, Mazda has built-in features that make its Crossover SUVs ready for winter in Canada.


Many Mazda vehicles have i-ACTIV All Wheel Drive (AWD), which utilizes 27 sensors that constantly scan the road to monitor driving conditions — the sensors scan 200 times per second! The vehicle itself knows what’s going on outside, from the exterior temperature to the steering angle.

Often, winter driving in Canada involves getting out of a snowbank or off a slippery patch of ice. If the vehicle knows that the driver needs more torque to a rear wheel, it sends the torque at the precise moment it’s necessary.  

You’ll have the oomph you need to drive safely without taking such a hit at the gas station. Historically, AWD was known for guzzling gas, but Mazda’s i-ACTIV AWD is innovative for reducing energy loss.

Advanced i-Activsense Safety Technology

Mazda vehicles boast many advanced safety features known as i-Activsense, which help make driving safer for everyone on the road during all seasons, especially winter. Together, they help drivers see better in all lighting conditions, recognize road hazards sooner, and even sidestep them altogether.  

Blind Spot Monitoring alerts the driver if another vehicle happens to be in their blind spot by sending a warning light in the corresponding side mirror. Rear Cross Traffic Alert does the same thing, but for vehicles or objects that are behind you. This makes reversing or backing out of a parking lot safer and less stressful.

The High Beam Control System adjusts your headlights automatically between high and low beams. Likewise, the Adaptive Front-Light System moves your headlights a subtle 15-degrees into the direction you’re turning, so you’ll be able to see clearly on every curve. Driving at night, especially around twilight in winter, will be safer for everyone.

Finally, the Lane Departure Warning System lets drivers know if they accidentally depart from their lane. You’ll love having this feature when visibility is low during a winter squall, and it may not be easy to see lane markings.

Skyactiv Vehicle Technology

In Mazda’s quest to build the perfect car, their engineering strategy creates a fundamental sense of oneness between the driver, the road, and their vehicle. Known as “Jinba Ittai,” the vehicle’s Skyactiv components work seamlessly together to create a united feel between all these elements that make driving safer and more pleasurable. 

Life doesn’t stop just because the weather turns bad.  If you’re a Canadian who needs to get around in winter, Mazda SUVs have lots of features that make every drive safer for everyone on the road.