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How to Keep Safe at Night While Driving?

Driving a vehicle is like a responsibility to follow the laws and safety majors. And the responsibility increase further if you are driving a rent a car in Dubai.

It becomes more tough and risky to drive in the nights of Dubai than the daytime.

The question here is; what factors make it risky to drive at night in Dubai?

The first and the basic answer to the question is the lesser visibility.

At night, one cannot see the roads clear. It becomes difficult to see the traffic and the pedestrians on the road.

Sometimes it is the natural alertness that declines at night. It reduces the attention and ability to respond instantaneously.

Secondly, the surrounding lights of the vehicles, markets, the billboards, etc make the eyes hard to see.

Resulting in poor decision making by the driver. And their attention deducted causes a lack of discretion.

This increases the risk of accidents rsesulting in different injures or even death.

Tips for a Safe Driving At Night

We have a few tips to help you to be safe & come over the driving issues while at night.

Speed Limit

Maintain a proper speed limit is a must to keep you safe of the hazards. Don’t hesitate while driving looks properly around and be on your lane.

Also, be careful and drive slower than you would while the daytime, look at all the junctions in the way.

Clean Windscreen

For a clear vision, it is must clear all the dirt on your windscreen all the time. You must clean it from both inside and out while driving.

Also, check for all the lights to make sure each works properly. Otherwise, this can put you in deep legal trouble.

You must be very careful with the brakes as well and do not keep your foot on it for long. Doing so can harm you a lot especially if you are queuing in traffic. So, avoid doing so as this can affect your eyes. Instead, you can use the handbrake if you feel that the traffic will release in a while.

Rest Well

If you an on a long journey, you should rest and take a good long sleep before starting the journey. It will enable you to be active and careful on the roads and minimize the risk of accidents.

Also, take the breaks of at least for half-an-hour at several spots on your long journey.

Moreover, you can switch the driving seat if you are traveling along with friends or family. It will help you to rest and refresh you mentally and physically.

Familiarize with The Road

Before setting out for your journey, make sure you know all the roads you are traveling by. For this purpose, navigation can be your good companion.

While driving at night, the road signs are often hard to notice besides your GPS is at the night mode.

People often get stressed when they are unfamiliar with the route. Such confusion can also result in bad driving.

To overcome any such situation, you must gather every possible awareness of your long-routes.