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How the Online Roulette Works: Main Principles

Many novice players bet real money in roulette, hoping for the effectiveness of the chosen strategy, or a third-party app. Meanwhile, experienced gamblers recommend, first of all, to understand how roulette works in an online casino. With this knowledge, you can easily determine which betting system or strategy will be effective. So, let’s start with the basics.

Mechanics of the Gameplay

Everything that you see on the screen while playing online roulette is nothing more than a video created by web-designers. Professional graphics leave the impression that the wheel is really spinning and the ball moves and falls into the cell. This is nothing more than a well-created illusion: the sector where the ball will stop is predetermined at the very moment when you press the Spin button, activating the rotation of the wheel.

At the heart of online roulette is a random number generator (RNG) – a complex algorithm that determines the outcome of each spin – the number that will eventually appear. Therefore, even if you see that the wheel is spinning and the ball is moving – the outcome is predetermined much earlier.

Does Any Strategy Make Sense?

It is important to note that the principle of online roulette has nothing in common with what kind of bet you make. Regardless of the field you place bet on, the RNG will give its result. So, the outcome of each round is completely random and does not depend on the rates of the previous rounds.

Besides, unlike traditional casinos, physical factors do not affect the operation of roulette. All animation that you see on the screen is for entertainment only and does not affect the outcome of the game.

Casino Advantage

Another important factor to consider before starting to play this game is the casino advantage. In general, this concept applies simple mathematics: a percentage of all bets made by a player is taken by the online casino as profit, and the rest is paid back as a win. For example, if the house edge is 5%, then you are guaranteed to lose this 5%, no matter how effective the strategy would be. The remaining 95% of your gambling budget will return as periodic winnings.

If you bet on red, then in theory the chances of winning are 50 to 50. In practice, due to the presence of the 37th, green sector, they are lower. Since there are 18 red sectors, 18 black sectors and 1 green sector on the wheel, the chances of getting red are 48.7%.

In Conclusion

Remember that knowing the above principles of online roulette operation, you can easily define whether a certain strategy will be effective or not. Think in advance about the casino advantage and place your bets for fun. Probably, luck will be at your side!