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The Evolution of Roulette

Contrary to popular belief the origins of roulette are not straight forward, in fact they are shrouded in some mystery. Many believe that the first version of the game was created by a French Maths genius called Blaise Pascal around the 17th century – although it is also widely believed that his intention was not to create a game but rather he was trying to create a perpetual motion machine!

Now, even thought that is how many believe that roulette was conceived there is also a great deal of evidence that shows many ancient civilizations played games which are very similar to the games we call roulette.

When in Rome

Roman soldiers did not have an easy life and keeping up morale within the legions was important. Roman commanders therefore actively encouraged their soldiers to have as much fun as possible and gambling games was a firm favorite. Once such games was spinning a shield or a chariot wheel which is very close to how roulette is played both in land-based casinos and on online.

The Chinese Connection

One of Chinas most ancient of games involved arranging 37 animal figurines into what was called a ‘magic square’ with numbers that total 666. Discovered by Dominican monks the game was later brought over to Europe slightly modified.

No one actually knows how the original game was played, that knowledge has been lost, as it is thought that the Monks changed the layout making the original square into a circle and adding a place for the number zero – all this seems a little far fetched and it is still contested by some lovers of roulette although all the numbers on the modern roulette wheel when added up do reach 666!

The Greeks Played Too

Greeks soldiers were known to draw symbols on the edges of their shields then place it face down on the ground, putting an arrow next to the shield – Then bets were placed on which symbol the arrow would point at after the shield was spun.

The French Have it

The most likely origin of roulette is French – in fact it is thought that the game was influenced by two very similar games called ‘Even-Odd’ and ‘Roly Poly’ popular in the 17th century.

Both games involved a spinning wheel, and both games involved betting on the outcome of the spin.

From France the game evolved within the rest of Europe and then made it over to America.

Online Roulette

Fast forward to today and online casinos are one of the most popular forms of entertainment that people turn to in order to get some casino action. Roulette fans are spoiled for choice with many variations of the game on offer including French, European and American forms of the game.

Sites such as Fruity King even have live games on offer which take place in real time and are streamed from a land-based venue. Fruity Kings live roulette games are hosted by a real human dealer or croupier who can be chatted to in-between games as can any other players. Live games are as about as realistic as any player could get bar going to a bricks and mortar casino for a night out, they are exciting and totally immersive offering yet another dimension to the choices that roulette lovers can enjoy.