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6 Signs That You Need a New Furnace

Did you have a recent dispute with your partner that you need a new furnace or not? One might be reckoning that they are in dire need of a new furnace, but the other does not. So if you’re confused, here are some signs which will help you indicate that you need to give your furnace an upgrade. And if budget is what’s bothering you, contact any HVAC rental company for help.

6 signs that you need a new furnace

Let’s move directly on the signs without wasting any of your precious time.

1. Your furnace makes odd sounds

Furnace usually make sounds of humming as they cycle, but they are wholly normal. However, if you hear odd noises when standing next to the furnace, there’s absolutely something wrong with it.A scraping sound is sometimes heard due to the damaged blower wheel. Other sounds that may upset you include squealing,banging, clanging, grinding.

2. Energy bills have gone up shortly

Did your energy bills rise all of a sudden and you don’t know the reason behind? It’s an old furnace that has taken to higher energy costs.Notice your bills regularly, compare them with your last bill.So you can indicate if your furnace is taking up to higher energy costs.

3. Is your furnace startedblowing cold air?

It is the mostevident reason that you need an upgrade. Furnaces are meant to maintain a warm temperature around your home. And if it doesn’t, know that there’s something wrong going inside the heating system. Usually, blower wheel is the leading cause here. But sometimes air leaks or broken air ducts may also trigger the situation.

4. It’s dust all around

No matter how much dusting you perform regularly, but there’s still plenty of dust at the end of the day. If such is the case, check your furnace thoroughly. Dusty indoors are often due to damaged furnace filters. You should also consider checking the furnace filter regularly if it is clean. Go for a furnace filter replacement every month or so.

5. The burner flame is not blue

Did you notice the flame turned yellow? Your furnace is not properly burning. There’s an issue with the combustion. Yellow flames are usually due to carbon monoxide production. And if you know, you know how toxic carbon monoxide is for our health. So go for a furnace upgrade or repair promptly.

6. Your house is not warm enough

If you are constantly struggling to set the thermostat and it’s still cold, your furnace is not doing its job necessarily. Also, check whether thefurnace has a reasonable heat distribution or not. If some parts of your house are cold and some are warm, go for an upgrade.

You’ve spent a decade with this furnace

Is your furnace too old? Like 15 years or 20? It’s genuine that you need a new furnace without any second thought. Even if your furnace not showing any apparent symptoms, you still need a furnace replacement. Maybe you’re not noticing the warning signs, but it’s obvious that a furnace can not last for a lifetime. Its typical age is 15 years.

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