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5 Framed Wall Art Ideas For Your Living Space

Empty walls may be something a minimalist would find satisfying, but if you’re one to shy away from blank spaces and dull surfaces, well, you could use a little wall art, for sure. And where else would you want to incorporate your creative side than in your very own living space? Your home will definitely appreciate a touch of character and personality. One way to do just that is to add framed wall art in every corner and spot possible.

Curating your living space

There’s nothing more satisfying than the freedom to curate your space. Whether you just moved in or looking for a fresh interior perspective, now’s the perfect time to make it happen. A makeover doesn’t need to involve knocking down your walls or buying a new set of furniture. Sometimes, a burst of wall decor and styling are all it takes for a much-needed reinvention of your humble yet modish abode.

Let your living space do the talking and make it a reflection of your unique taste. Here are some framed wall art ideas that can add a hint of color, trend, and variation to your empty walls:

Gallery of trendy posters in elegant grey living room interior with brown corner sofa

Design a gallery wall

If you have too many framed art pieces you want to showcase on your wall, no worries. You can always create a gallery wall that displays your collection of photographs, prints, and illustrations. This idea also works perfectly if you want to create an illusion of larger wall space. All you need to do is stretch the array of frames all the way to the ceiling. Guests would love to look up and beyond just to find a crawling stunner of a gallery wall waiting to be admired.

Create a focal point through large-scale art 

There’s something about large-scale art that seems to draw attention no matter where you place it. This concept will work for high-traffic areas such as your living room or hallway, where you receive and entertain guests. All you need is an oversized photograph or painting that’ll serve as the focal point of a particular room in your living space. (1) 

It’s up to you to surround the large art with other smaller framed prints, which could dramatically emphasize the larger one you already have. It doesn’t matter if the frames are in different sizes and materials. The variety might actually give the wall more definition and character.

Display your favorite photos 

Maybe you want your wall to speak more of your lifestyle, taste, and personality. If so, you can choose to collect all your favorite photos and have them framed. Be it travel photos, your family, portraits of your closest friends, or candid shots of you wearing your most stylish outfits, the wall can surely use a touch of customization. 

Framed silhouettes are also another trend these days. If your living space features an old-school and vintage vibe, this idea will absolutely be a big hit. The frames could be of metallic finishes, perhaps gold or old rose for a more striking accent. (4)

Set the mood and add dramatic lighting

Unique art pieces deserve a bit of a spotlight, won’t you agree? If so, why not consider adding dramatic lighting to set the mood and highlight your framed wall art creation? One excellent way to achieve this is by using picture lights that you can attach to the frames. Lighting up your wall art is also a great idea in dark areas of your living space, such as hallways and staircases. Not only will it give the much-needed illumination to prevent trips and falls, but also, the lighting will effortlessly feature your favorite wall art pieces. (2)

Other lighting fixtures you can use are track lights and wall washers. These fixtures are both flexible and can be mounted on any surface so you can achieve the suitable illumination you want for your wall decor. If you prefer using accent lights, be sure to place the beam at an angle that’ll focus on a particular framed art you want to highlight. Play with different degrees and angles to hit the right spot. (3)

Make sure you cover all areas of your living space 

Don’t forget that a living space encompasses every corner of your home, not just living rooms or bedrooms. That said, you should take note of other areas where you can add framed wall art selections. Your kitchen decor, for example, could use framed photographs on countertops, aside from the wall art you already have. The bathrooms shouldn’t also be taken for granted. You can incorporate abstract wall art if you’re into that kind of decor. (5)

Conclusion: A breath of fresh wall

There you have it—some framed wall art ideas you can consider for your living space. So the next time you’re up for a redecorating affair or maybe you just want to add a bit of flair and character to your wall, you won’t need to sit in a corner to plan and assess your wall situation. Try one of the ideas here and be in awe of how much difference framed art pieces can make to your cozy nest.


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